2015 Chicago Leagues – Week 1 (June 15)

Updated: June 19, 2015

Opening Night of the 2015 Chicago Summer Men’s & Co-Ed Leagues will always be remembered as the night the Blackhawks finally clinched a Cup at home.. Their 3rd in 6th years… Oh and the rain.. AND the night the defending Men’s League Champs — Team Watts — dropped 129 points in Hoops to start their trek to Back2BackCrowns..

Starting next week and for every week after that.. Both the Men’s and Co-Ed Leagues will have their own separate Power Rankings articles.. Each Week you can expect a wrap-up on every Team, a Link to the Video Highlights, and other League announcements/promotions/giveaways.

Since the Hawks through a wrench into our Week 1 calendar, the Weekly Highlight Video will begin NEXT WEEK, but will include Highlights from Week 1’s Games.  Also, this week’s Power Rankings article is going to be in a different format..  We are just going to provide a recap of the Games that took place on Monday Night and the actual Power Rankings will begin next week!

Chicago Men’s League Week 1  (Note, Co-Ed is below):

Team Apuli (Biaggi’s) defeated Team Kornblatt (Camp Ojibwa) 59-54 in Hoops

Both Teams are extremely familiar with All Sports Series and are among the many groups of chiseled vets that make up the biggest All Sports Series League of them all.. Both Groups are still searching for that elusive first Crown and have gotten close before.. We’ll have more of a historical look in next week’s Power Rankings..

Team Apuli took control early and held the lead for much of this one.. The Bwa squad made a second half comeback however led by Chris Chez and in the closing moments it was anyone’s Game.  When the final buzzer sounded it was Team Apuli’s hands raised with the big Week 1 W.  Both Teams had short benches on this night (as did everyone) and were gassed from the physical first week..  You can expect both to make runs this Summer…

Team Fallows (Bekin’s Lake County) defeated Team Shlofrock (Danley’s Garage World) 70-68 in Hoops

Team Fallows got a clutch Free Throw from Ryan Allen with just a couple ticks left in this one to go ahead for good in what was easily the Game of the Night. Allen also led the Team in scoring with 25 while Captain Shlof had 20 for his squad. Again, we’ll dive more into the history of both of these Franchises in next week’s Power Rankings but you can expect both of these Teams to be at the top of the Standings by the time the season ends.. Both squads have been around for years and both have had tons of recent success.. A Playoff Rematch wouldn’t be out of question and it would be really fun to see.

Team Cohen (Manny’s Deli) defeated Team Palmer (Danley’s Garage World) in an Exhibition

Both Teams had received “Blackhawks” Ws earlier in the day but wanted to still lace ’em up for Week 1.. What we got get a glimpse of is Team Cohen’s new and improved Hoops squad. They are a much deeper and more talented Hoops Team then people will remember from the past 5 years.. It has always been their weak spot and Captain Andy looks to have addressed it for 2015.  As for Team Palmer, it is a new name to many.. Captain Mike has played in the Co-Ed League before so he knows what All Sports Series is all about.. They seem to have some talent as well and it will be fun to watch their first campaign in the Men’s League.

Team Watts (VIP Express Lim0) defeated Team Goldman (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Orange) 129-65

The Defending Champions of the Chicago Men’s League World — Team Watts — their quest for Back2Back Crowns, a feat that has never been done in this League, got off to a dazzling start. period.

Team Goldman had a tough task in their first week. They have some real talent however and you can expect them to get in the Winner’s column soon. Danny Kostas had 19 for them in this one. Certainly a bright spot.


Chicago Co-Ed League Week 1:

Team Rosenthal (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) defeated Team UM Alumni 5-3 Games

The youngest group in the League, Team Rosenthal, got off to a fast start and won the maximum amount of Games possible in Volleyball as they tallied 5 Ws and, thus, have a share of first place after Week 1 with 15 points. For the University of Michigan Alumni of Chicago they still gathered 3 Games in their first night as a unit and were able to grab 9 points in the Standings as a result.  Both seem to have bright futures this season and certainly have a head start on the rest of the League as they’ll have an extra week to gel on the competition.


That’s it for this week. We’ll have a full Power Rankings and Video for you next week!