Chicago Men’s Week 5 Flag Football

Updated: July 20, 2012

Week 5 Video

Week 5 Video is above. Go ahead. Click..  Week 5 presented the rare occasion when all 16 teams played the same sport.. Which definitely helps from a Ranking prospective.  What’s crazy is, with Week 5 in the books, only 2 Regular Season Weeks remain..  The time is now to make moves.. Let’s Rank ‘Em.

1) Team Watts (Jam ‘n Honey) – Currently in 3rd with 75 points (Last Week: 4) – It’s not often that a team can jump from 4 all the way to 1 in just a week’s time.. However, if you put on a 55-6 drumming of the #2 Team from last week I think it’s a well-deserved jump.  Team Watts was on another level than the rest of the teams on Monday Night.  Bobby “Brees” Dobry finished two flag football games with 10 (TEN!) TD Passes and a TD on the ground as well.  He also hit 6 different teammates for scores during the 2 games as well.  I’m totally comfortable putting saying this to everyone.. Team Watts is the best Flag Football team in 2012.  More importantly, what I’m trying to say is.. If someone doesn’t knock them out in Hoops or Softball before the Championship game, here is your 2012 Champs.  Done.. Next week they have a star studded battle lined up with Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep).

2) Team Cohen (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) – Currently in 2nd with 82 points (Last Week: 3) – Team Cohen got another W for their resume on Monday Night.  They took down their High School Rival Team Glass (Crescent Movers). Captain Andy “Dalton” Cohen added to his TD tally connecting with both Brian and Adam “the brothers” Harris for scores.  With 2 weeks left all they have to do is stay the course and they can maintain a Top 4 Spot.  Next week they do battle with the rising Team Radist (Carriage Hill Kennels) in Hoops.

3) Team Dorfman (Teplitz & Bell Attorneys) – Currently in 1st with 87 points (Last Week:1) – The scenario I was faced in ranking Team Dorfman this week was a rarity.. They built in a big enough cushion from the rest of the field that if they Lost they would still be in 1st. Well that’s exactly what happened. So yes they are still first in the Standings however it was impossible for me to not acknowledge the Top 2 teams this week for being just that.  Anyways back to Team Dorfman.. They had another W all but locked up when they scored with just under a minute to play.. Then out of nowhere.. you know what I’m going to save the story for Team Horwitz (Steve Dorfman’s Deli)’s section..  In the Loss Benny “QB NYJ #5” Lalez connected with Benji “MVP ’10” Patzik for a TD. Next week they have Floor Hockey with Team Kluever (Sunset Foods).

4) Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep) – Currently in 6th with 52 points (Last Week: 6) – Allow me to toot my own horn for a second.. If you are a regular reader of the Wrap-Up you know that I harped and harped about how this team was better than their position in the Standings.. They have had success in the past (with many members winning the 2011 Suburbs League) and have also had to overcome a significant rash of injuries.. However they are starting to get some of their guys back like Ricky “my asst. coach” Silverman.  They got a big W on Monday Night against a rival Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing).  Mike “QB2” Maione threw for 3 scores and ran for another.   They have a Hoops matchup with the new #1 Team Watts (Jam ‘n Honey) in what will be the game of the Week.

5) Team Merar (Greater Than) – Currently in 5th with 55 points (Last Week: t-7) – The Defending Champs are back to their winning ways.. They got a W over Team Kluever (Sunset Foods) on Monday Night even without Michael ” talk of being amnestied?” Bailen.  Bradley “the rest of you won’t hear the end of this” Deutsch filled in admirably at QB, tossing 3 TDs and also grabbing a Pick-6 on D.  He connected with Brian “Big Bro” Deutsch for 2 scores on Monday Night.  Next Monday they have a game with fellow Mushkies Team Horwitz (Steve’s Deli).

6) Team Apuli (Giordano’s) – Currently in 4th with 62 points (Last Week: 2) – They were on the wrong side of Team Watts offensive explosion on Monday.  Just shake it off.  This team was good enough to be ranked #2 going into this week and are still in line for a Top 4 seed if they can get 2 more wins in the final 2 weeks. This is their first run in All Sports Series and I’m curious to see how they will react after their first true bad loss.  My feeling is they will bounce right back next week in Hoops.  They will have a game with Team Solof (Atomic Transport) next week..

7) Team Horwitz (Steve Dorfman’s Deli) – Currently in 7th with 48 points (Last Week: 9) – So I started go into the final moment of Team Horwitz’s game with Team Dorfman above but decided it would be better to hold off and put it down here.  Team Dorfman grabbed the lead with under a minute to go and it looked as if they would add another W to their Resume. However, with about 30 seconds left Brian “the Bones” Bonemarte hurled a perfect spiral over 50 yards in the air into the arms of Rory “Stokleyyyy” Darnay who got behind the Safety and into the End Zone for the Score!  Gus Johnson could be heard screaming during the closing moments.. This is 3 straight weeks with points for the Deli goers and I think its safe to say they are peaking at just the right time..  A win over the #1 team is no joke.  Defending Champs Team Merar awaits in Hoops next week.

8) Team Radist (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently in 8th with 45 points (Last Week: NR) – Welcome to the Rankings Team Radist!  They got a Big W against Team Greenberg on Monday Night.. I think this squad has rallied around their injured Captain and are determined to get into the Playoffs. They are making their run just in time to land a strong seed.  Bryan “Keith” Van Horn threw 3 TDs and 2 of which were to Adam “Archuleta” Grossfield.  Next week, they have #2 Team Cohen in a Hoops match-up.

9) Team Saltzberg (the Whiskey Bar Chicago) – Currently in 10th with 38 points (Last Week: NR) – They got a big W on Monday Night and jumped up a bunch in the Standings as a result.. They also are into the Rankings for the first time in a few weeks. With only 2 weeks left in the Regular Season this is the perfect time to make the move..  Tom “dare I say, Brady?” Barnett had an extremely accurate Monday Night throwing for 2 scores and even using his feet for another score.   Next week they have a Rivalry matchup with Team Feldgreber (EFT Sports Performance) in Hoops who just happens to be #10..

10) Team Feldgreber (EFT Sports Performance – Currently in 13th with 28 points (Last Week: 10) – They were so intimidating during their first week of Flag Football that their opponent for this Week didn’t even want to show up!  They are still one spot out of the Playoffs but will have two chances to pick up another W.  As mentioned above they have Team Saltzberg next week.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical)

Team Faye (Dr. Jacob DDS) – Currently tied for 14th with 20 points (Last Week: NR) – N/A

Team Glass (Crescent Movers) – Currently in 11th with 35 points (Last Week: t-7) – This is an unfamiliar feeling for this squad.. They are used to getting W after W.  However the last few weeks have been rough for last year’s semi-finalists.  They hot beat on Monday Night by Team Cohen and it wasn’t pretty.. They were missing their QB1 Sam “Sarascin” Harris and he might have made all the difference.. But at the end of the day they are in real danger of missing out on the Playoffs if they don’t turn things around.. Of course they have 2 weeks left which means they can get 2 more wins and easily find themselves right in the middle of the pack heading into the First Round.. They have Team Greenberg in Floor Hockey next week which means a big 20 points are on the line..

Team Greenberg (PopChips) – Currently in 12th with 30 points (Last Week: NR) – They didnt get the W this week and frankly I think I am a little to blame for it. I think its obvious that these guys play better when they have someone motivating them.  They dont need any pats on the back they need some bulletin board material.. Here you go.. “Either this week or next you best get a win, or when the Playoffs start you will be on the outside looking in.”

Team Kluever (Sunset Foods) – Currently in 16th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – Still searching for that first win.. This was a tough matchup playing the Defending Champs in Flag Football.. Luckily for them they are still mathematically alive for the Playoffs. They have to get a W next week though against the team at the top of the Standings Team Dorfman in Hockey.

Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing) – Currently in 9th with 43 points (Last Week: 5) – Is your seat belt fastened? Cause we’re about to take one of those steep dip on the Roller Coaster Ride..  Last week they managed to jump to 5th after getting to the Semis of the Volleyball Tourney.  Then this week they fell to Team Bulwa.  I’ll be the first to say they were shorthanded, even Captain Matthew “Mr. Clean” Kornblatt got a DNP.  However, that seems to be a reason why they are on this Roller Coaster ride.  This squad has been together for 3 years  and yes there have been many roster shake-ups over that time but it just appears as if they can never quite get on the same page.   They managed to waste Derek “Warren Sapp” Reinglass’ fantastic Defensive effort from Monday Night.. Next week I’m sure they’ll bounce back because that is what they do.. They have Team Faye (Dr. Jacob DDS) in Hoops.

Team Solof (Atomic Transport) – Currently tied for 14th with 20 points (Last Week: NR) – Not their best showing this week and that happens every once in a while. It was their first flag football game and that showed. They also are still mathematically alive for the Playoffs but any Losses at this point will put them behind the 8-ball.  Next week is really a Playoff game for them and many other teams.


That’s it for the Week 5 Wrap-Up. Next week I will stray a touch from the Rankings format and go into a Playoff Scenario mode. See ya Monday Night at Windy City!

– Holden