City League Week 2 Floor Hockey

Updated: June 15, 2011

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both PopChips and Greater Than for coming out on Monday night and giving a special playoff feel to the league.

Now on the Wrap-up.. This summer has already brought on many firsts for All Sports Series:  First City League games, first 50+ game in hoops and the first set of consecutive wins for Team Kornblatt (@Drink GT) (aka Yay Ra Ra….).  Yet, Monday night was unlike any other first.  The first night of All Sports Series floor hockey was well kinda nuts..  I know this, the pleasantries that were exchanged during the first week may be fading away and the real competition started last Monday night.  People were testy, angry, nasty and everything else you’d come to expect from a night of hockey.   When the goals and sticks were cleared, we were left with only two Undefeateds. Team Glass (Steve’s Deli) and Team Kornblatt (Greater Than).

Team Kornblatt kicked off the night in one of the first games against Team Bruck (Teplitz and Bell) who had also won their basketball game the week before.  Both teams knew coming in that the winner of this game would be atop the leader board looking down on the rest of the competition.  The action started fast as Matt “Adam Banks” Emer scored about 4 seconds into the game for Team Kornblatt.  Emer led the game in the scoring adding three more goals to finish the night with 4 big ones.  Team Kornblatt won the game 9-5 in one of the lower scoring and harder fought games.  Daniel “Jesse Hall” Elrod added a hat trick of his own.  Matt Kornblatt and Phil Weisberg were running around like the Bash Bros. out there throwing their weight around.  The score doesn’t show the intensity and closeness of this game. Team Bruck fought hard and was helped by Drew “Lester Averman” Speight who added 2 goals of his own.   Next week Team Kornblatt will put up their undefeated streak against Team Mason..

…Team Mason (PopChips) battled Team Bulgatz (Galaxie Home Remodeling) in the other opening game.  Team Mason will hold a record for a least a year with the most goals scored by a team in floor hockey with 19! 19 goals! Woah.. Team Mason played the entire game shorthanded but still came out on top 19-7.  Team Mason was led by the Tic-Tac-Toe line of James Pardee, Marco Pambianco and Nick Nolan who combined for about 15 goals among the three of them. Dustin “Derny” Bernstein added 3 goals of his own for Bulgatz.   Team Bulgatz just got caught with a difficult opponent on this night but will surely be ready for Week 3 Hoops next week against Team Bruck.

The second set of games were as hectic as the first if not more.  Lets start with the closer of two games before we get to the Stone Cold Stunning score of the week in the other 8pm game.   Team Watts (Whiskey Bar) battled Team Greenberg (Millennium Real Estate) in an up and down game.  Team Watts eventually pulled out the game 8-7.  Team Watts was led by Jason “woo woo, Kenny Wu” Bohrer who had a hat trick for the Whiskey Bars.  Team Greenberg showed a ton of heart in this one but never could get over the hump.  Nate “Dwayne Robertson” Cooper put the ball in the net 4 times in a losing effort. Aaron “Julie the Cat Gaffney” Levy put in a goal and really was every where at once for Greenberg.  Team Greenberg will look to get some points on the leaderboard next week against Team Radist.

The Stone Cold Stunner of the week came when Team Glass defeated the Defending Champions Team Dorfman (Crystal Lake Jeep), but not just beat them… 17-3!  I dont think anyone had Team Glass (Steve’s Deli) as two touchdown favorites of the defending champs.   As previously stated Team Glass finds themselves tied for first after two weeks of All Sports Series. Next week they will look to stay undefeated against Team Schoder (Whiskey Bar).  Team Glass for the second week in a row got contributions from basically everyone on the roster. Paul “Charlie Conway in D3” Cartwright put in a whopping 5 goals.  That is a lot of goals.  Team Dorfman seemed shell-shocked from the beginning of the game.  After the Game Benji “Gunner Staal” Patzik was heard saying “You lost it for yourself!” to Captain Daniel “Coach Wolf Stansson” Dorfman.  The chemistry just doesnt seem to be what it once was for Northbrook Domination.  However, basketball has always seemed to be there strong suit and they will look to rebound next week against Team Merar (Dr. Jacob DDS).

Speaking of which, Team Merar played in one of the two late games, losing a tough hockey match with Team Schoder (Whiskey Bar). Team Schoder took the game 9-5.  John “Knucklepuck” Botiva scored 4 goals for the winners.  Brian “Goldberg” Coughlin was simply amazing in net for the Team Schoder.  He had several, “kick save and a beauties.”  The game never seemed in doubt, but both teams had fun! Paul “Goldberg the Goalie in D3” Ravenna started out as a defense-man and even scored but finished the game in net for Team Merar.

The final game of the night was between Team Radist (BeSpoke Cuisine) and Team Cohen (Sunset Foods).   Team Cohen pulled out the victory in a wild one, 7-4.  Captain Andy “2 minutes for…Roping!?” Cohen leads the league in penalty minutes going into next season (I remembered Andy!).   Jake “Luis Mendoza” Miller just couldnt stop scoring with a hat trick and was really the difference in the game.  Adam “Guy Germaine” Harris also stuck home a goal and helped control the puck for the Sunset Foodies.  Team Radist would not go away without a battle however and were led by Daniel “Dean Buckley” Osem and his two goals.

It was definitely entertaining to watch and I think will impact the the competitiveness for the rest of the summer.  See you all next week at Windy City for another week of Hoops.  Who will leave atop the leaderboard in the sprint toward the playoffs?