City Playoffs – Finals Softball

Updated: August 16, 2011

The City Playoff Video is included above. Before I get into the Wrap-ups for the Final 4 and Finals I want to say Congrats to Jeff Collons and Adam Harris for each winning $50 to Whiskey Bar Chicago. Let’s get right into the game wrap-ups shall we..

The Final 4 was set a couple weeks back (stupid rain) with the #1 Seed Team Dorfman (Crystal Lake Jeep) squaring off with the #5 Seed Team Watts (Whiskey Bar) and #6 Seed Team Merar (Dr. Jacob DDS) facing #7 Seed Team Glass (Steve’s Deli). Let’s start with the #1 Seed and defending champions from 2010 Team Dorfman. They survived a huge scare from the 8 seeded Team Mason in the 1st round of the playoffs escaping with just a 2 point victory after trailing for most of the game. This game was almost a mirror image of their last game, you know except for it being softball instead of hoops, but they allowed Team Watts to jump out to an early 6-2 lead. As the game cruised on it seemed that Team Watts had scored enough runs to just clamp down on defense and hold on for the W. But in the bottom half of the 6th the defending champs’ sticks came alive as they got across a few making the score 6-5 in favor of Team Watts. As the game came to the bottom of the 7th and Team Dorfman’s final at bats the score remained the same. So the stage was set, Team Dorfman needed 1 to tie and 2 to win in order to keep their dream of repeating alive. With a man on third and one out, Benji “shortest sac fly in the history of 16″ softball” Patzik hit a TOWERING (not really) sac fly to edge of the outfield grass…and it was just far enough to get home the run from 3rd to tie the game! Then with two outs and the bases loaded, Team Dorfman’s Benny “the QB/PG” Lalez came up to the plate. The type of moment you dream of when you are 9 and in house league. The pitch flew in the air and Benny made contact, the ball not hit terribly hard, managed to find a hole in the right side of the infield and in came the winning run for Team Dorfman! So for the 2nd straight year Team Dorfman would find themselves playing for the Championship. Would the habit of getting behind early come back to bite them? As far as Team Watts goes, they were so close to the Finals they could taste it. I know these guys will be back next year, hungrier and with a huge chip on their shoulders. Officially putting the league on notice.

Now who would challenge Team Dorfman in the Championship? That would be Team Merar. These guys came with their hitting caps on Monday Night. They were flat out raking the ball. They jumped out early on Team Glass and never looked back. They took the W 11-3 to head to the Championship game. On a side note it’s interesting to consider that either (or neither for that matter) of these teams could have seen a much different road through the playoffs had the seeding gone just a little differently. Remember that since #2 and #3 seeds Team Cohen and Team Kornblatt actually tied with with regular season points and, thus, had to go to a tiebreaker. Had the tiebreaker gone the other way its completely reasonable to think that based on the sports and different matchups, this entire side of the bracket would be different. Nonetheless, it is Team Merar heading to the Finals. Team Glass had a very, very strong first season in All Sports Series. They really looked good in almost every sport, except their vice, Softball. They know what they need to improve in over the off-season and there’s no doubt in my mind that they will. Let’s get to the final game shall we..

So the stage is set and in all cases it seems like a dream matchup. Defending Champs and #1 overall Seed Team Dorfman against the Cinderella story, the upstarts, the they are older than everyone else, the #6 Seed Team Merar. A betting man would most likely put money on that Team Merar would strike first considering in the playoffs, they are 2 for 2 in gaining large early leads and Team Dorfman has been just the opposite. That man would be right as Team Merar put up 3 big ones in the top half of the first. Now cue up the Team Dorfman come back, right? Not this time around. Team Merar just kept getting base runners and then knocking them home. Team Dorfman was down 7 before they could blink or do anything about it. Team Merar ended up getting the win 15-8 behind fantastic hitting from the whole squad. Danny “Thunder” Roseth (who was wearing a red uni, bc he forget his at home) hit a towering homerun at one point, one of the several nails in the defending champs’ coffin. Team Merar proved that even if you are not the best overall team in a particular sport (well maybe they are the best softball team) that you can still win All Sports Series. Keep in mind this team lost on more than a couple occasions in the regular season. Definitely the first time a #6 seed has taken the Crown. Congratulations to them on a fantastic run!

Until next year, thanks everyone for a fun season, enjoy the rest of your summer!