City Playoffs – QuarterFinal Hoops

Updated: August 2, 2011

Hello Everybody. Sorry No video this week, I’m saving the footage for a Complete Playoff Video after next week.. So stay tuned for that. Also, in the excitement of everything last night I forgot to pull a winner for the $50 to Whiskey Bar, so next week we will have two winners! Let’s get to the action..

The first games of the night were highlighted by a rematch from Week 7 between the 2 seed Team Cohen (Sunset Foods) and the 7 seed Team Glass (Steve’s Deli). Team Cohen defeated Team Glass in 16″ last week to solidify their number 2 seed but did not seem too pleased when they realized they’d be matched up with Team Glass again in the playoffs and in Glass’ strongest sport, Hoops. For those not familiar with these two teams, they both have roots from Stevenson High School and have been battling in IMs since High School. Now with a spot in the Final 4 on the line the rivalry had reached its boiling point. This game was exactly how many would have guessed, a hard fought Defensive battle, where no team would allow an easy bucket. When it was all said and done Team Glass had just a little too much firepower in the tank as they won the game 47-33. Both teams scored well below their season average, as they say.. “Defense wins Championships.” Team Glass was again led by Josh “Mr. 414” Lurie who put home 24 big points in the game. For those of you wondering yes 414 is the Milwaukee Area Code. The kid can flat out stroke and with a sprained ankle to boot. Captain Adam “It’s half full” Glass was quoted after the game saying “While we don’t want to look too far ahead, winning the Championship would not have felt right without avenging the loss to these guys. We are going to enjoy this one tonight and get back to the drawing board in the morning.” Team Cohen who like many of the other top seeds (foreshadowing) would not consider basketball to be their best sport. However, to win All Sports Series you have to be good at them all. Jon “pictured above” Nickow led his team with 8 points in the game. Team Cohen will be back next year and I’m sure with some more Hoops support. Team Glass did not have to wait long to learn who their opponent would be next week in the Final 4…

The second early game pitted the 3 seed Team Kornblatt (Greater Than) against the 6 seed Team Merar (Dr. Jacob DDS). This one got out of hand. Quickly. It’s no secret that Team Kornblatt was one of the top teams in the league, as their 3 seed would attest, however Basketball was the one sport these guys struggled with all season and once again it came back to bite them. Team Merar put on a shooting display that would make the Ronnie Brewer fear for his job. Team Merar got the win 75-40 and will move on to face Team Glass in the Final 4 16″ softball round. Captain Matt “there are bald heroes in movies, he would not be one of them” Kornblatt was asked to be interviewed after the game by the various media outlets and replied ” @!#!$ off” So I don’t have a real quote from him. I know these guys will be back next season and judging by the leaps they made from last year to this year, I’d think they will address the Hoops issue and be one of the favorites in 2012. Team Merar on the other hand was all smiles after the game. Michael “people better recognize” Bailen scored 16 in the win and Brian “ya i’ll take 40 ft jumpers when we’re up 30″ Deutsch had 17 of his own. Team Merar looked great last week in their 16” game and may be hitting their stride just at the right time. They are the elder statesmen of the league and their craftiness may be just enough to win the whole darn thing.

The late games had much closer scores than the early ones. The Number 1 seed Team Dorfman (Crystal Lake Jeep) the defending Champions took the Bball court with their regular swagger last night however, it was not their regular outcome. The 8 seed Team Mason (PopChips) gave them all they could handle and more. For a while it seemed like it would be an all lower seed Final 4, however Team Dorfman proved their experience in All Sports Series pays off. With the game tied at 46 in the final minute, Team Mason could not convert on the offensive end to take the lead. Fast forward several seconds and Zach “Game winner” Bulwa hit just that, from the free throw line to give his team the 48-46 W and allow them to continue on in the defense of their crown. Team Mason decided to foul a few times in the final minute leaving themselves with no fouls to give and as Bulwa pushed the issue with just a few ticks remaining he drew a foul and got to the line. Eytan ” 6’6” guys shouldnt be allowed to shoot like that” Azaria went for 21 in the victory. Captain Daniel “The reigning GM of the year from 2010” Dorfman had a few deep breaths after the game as he looked pretty pale towards the end. However, his team would not let him down. Team Mason in their rookie campaign really proved alot. Had it not been for their upset defeated in football, they would have been seeded much differently in the playoffs and likely would have won their Hoops game. Just goes to show that every week matters in All Sports Series. These guys will be ready to go in ’12. Team Captain Danny “had to give him a bigger jersey, cause hes been lifting” Mason had a much different reaction then some of the other captains who were not advancing. He was proud of his team’s effort against the top seeded club and seemed eager to get his guys ready to go for next season. Simply Refreshing. So we have 3 of our Final 4.. Who will play Team Dorfman next week?

That would be decided when the 4 seed Team Watts (Whiskey Bar) took on the 5 seed Team Bruck (Teplitz and Bell). This game was up and down and back and forth. Exactly the way a 4/5 matchup should be. In the closing minutes Team Watts found themselves up 4 or 5 but Team Bruck would not go away. Several times over Team Bruck would come down and hit a big shot to cut it to 2, then foul Team Watts hoping for missed free throws, but those really never came. That is until with 2 seconds to go. Team Watts had the opportunity to ice the game, however they couldn’t do it, leaving Team Bruck one final heave at the rim. The ball ended up striking the roof and crashing to the floor along with Team Bruck’s Championship aspirations. Team Watts got the win 53-51 in another exciting one at Windy City Field House. Team Bruck was led in scoring by Drew “the Maurice jokes have definitely run its course” Speights who had 15. Team Bruck was a very, very solid and deep squad. With their experience next year I’d expect a nice run in the playoffs out of these guys. Team Watts will now move on to the Final 4 to face Team Dorfman. Captain Jake “does what it takes” Watts put in 9 and also made a statement after the game “I don’t care whose next, all we do is win baby win.” Bobby “i hear there is a harry potter character with a similar name” Dobry put in 20 and Team Watts needed every one of them.

So our final 4 is set. Below is the schedule for those games. Good Luck to everyone and see you Next Monday Night!

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