City Week 4 Flag Football & Week 5 Volleyball Tourney

Updated: July 12, 2011

New Video Above Check it out. Also Congrats to Last Weeks @DrinkGT Moment of the Week Recipient John Bria from Team Bruck who threw for 5 TDs in Flag Football. This is going to be a long blog, Sunday’s Football will be first, so if you are looking for the Volleyball Tourney Scroll Down.

Week 4: Flag Football

First off, I want to apologize to everyone about the Parking situation and the tardiness of the games. Anyways, it seemed everyone (that won) had a good time nonetheless. The First Set of games were simply polar opposites. However, both wound up in multiple OverTimes. The game between Team Bruck (Teplitz and Bell) and Team Glass (Steve’s Deli) was like the ’99 Rams were playing each other. It was score after score after score. The Only unbeaten team left in all of the All Sports Series Team Glass eventually fell in 2OTs to Team Bruck. The game was tied at 26 heading into the OT and eventually Team Bruck found the endzone one more time. Led by John “Elway” Bria who as previously mentioned threw for 5 scores the Bruckers would just not be denied points on this afternoon. Team Glass was led by speedy QB Sam “@Sharris8 (follow him)” Harris who led his team to 4 scores. It was a very exciting game and as physical as any game during the day. (Who am I kidding they were all really physical). With the loss Team Glass slid down the leaderboard and now find themselves looking up at other teams for the first time all Summer, check down below to see how they would rebound in the Volleyball Tourney on Monday night.

The other game pitted two rivals that had several things to say about one another in off-season. Last year’s defending Champs Northbrook Domination, Team Dorfman (Crystal Lake Jeep) faced off with last year’s participant trophy winner’s Team Yay Ra Ra, Team Kornblatt (Greater Than). This one was the flag football version of Ravens and Steelers. It was a mess. Neither team could score during regulation. Or in OT1. Finally in the 2OT Team Dorfman QB Benny “The Jet” Lalez throw up a ball to Eytan “3 Wishes” Azaria in the endzone and a team was on the board. College OT rules were used so Team Kornblatt had their chance to answer and QB Reed “TruckStick” Adler wasted little time barreling into the endzone to match the score and tie the game at 6. Neither team would score on the extra point conversion. Or in OT3. Finally in OT4 Benny the Jet got the ball in his hands and again hit Eytan for the W! 25 big points would be awarded to their team and great momentum would be had going into the VBall Tourney. Would this game be a foreshadow of things to come for these two teams on Monday Night? Scroll down to find out.

After Sunday a new team found themselves atop the Leaderboard. Team Cohen (Sunset Foods) got the W and 25 big points to spring themselves over Team Glass into 1st place. Team Cohen defeated Team Schoder (Whiskey Bar) 25-6 and I think maybe put themselves on everyone’s radar. Possibly its my fault that this team hasn’t gotten enough pub to this point but that will no longer be the case.. This team is for real and halfway through the regular season they are the team to beat. Captain and QB “Accelerate” Andy Cohen moved his team down the field for 3 scores. His team would also prove to be one to reckon with the next night in VBall. The game was closer than the score may lead to imagine however as Ray “Dallas” Clark scored for Team Schoder making it a one score game at one point. After Sunday Team Schoder found themselves on the outside looking in on the playoffs however, I really think they may be one of the unluckiest bunches so far this season. They have had a few close losses and their schedule has been one that no one is jealous over. They still have 3 weeks to turn it around.

At the same Team Watts (Whiskey Bar) took on Team Bulgatz (Galaxie Home Remodeling. Team Watts got the W 21-6 as Team Bulgatz left Sunday still searching for their first points on the leaderboard. Team Captain Jake “100” Watts led his team to 3 different scoring drives.  These guys have been slowly marching up the Leaderboard since Week 2 and don’t seem to be slowing down.  I’m not sure what type of VBall players they have but it seems like no matter what the sport Team Watts can go.  Brian “Caps Lock” Bulgatz was quoted after the game by several reporters saying, “I guarantee we will get points in the Volleyball.” Would his guarantee hold true? Scroll down..

The late games (that started even later) was headlined by Team Merar (Dr. Jacob DDS) v. Team Radist (BeSpoke Cuisine).  Both teams find themselves in the middle of the pack jostling for position on the leaderboard.  While the two teams seemed even on paper the game quickly turned in favor of Team Merar.   Led by QB Michael “pound for pound maybe the best athlete in the whole league” Bailen who threw for 3 scores and ran for another, the MerCars won 24-0.   Jeff  “My last name is also” Merar had a sick TD grab as well in the victory.  There were not too many bright spots in this one for Team Radist, but there is no time to dwell for these guys as they still find themselves right in the playoff race and volleyball may just be the sport to elevate these guys.

Finally in what many may consider and upset, Team Greenberg (Millennium Real Estate) defeated Team Mason (PopChips) 23-0 in a totally lopsided affair.  Nick “Peyton Manning” Henner threw for 2 scores and just chewed up the practically non-existent Defense. The game was out of hand so quickly that Team Greenberg managed to switch QBs halfway through as Jason “Related to Eric?” Bischoff also threw a TD pass.  Captain Elliot “Big E” Greenberg, Aaron “its a soft E” Levy and Scott “E before I” Schneider all grabbed a TD reception in this one.  It was as if Team Mason didnt even show up for this one.  With Team Greenberg’s first points of the year I can’t wait to see if this is the win they need to get going and find a spot in the playoffs.  Time will tell.



Ok so here we go… The night that usually flips the standings on its head.  I’m going to sort of sum up pool play briefly and just get to the good stuff.  There were 4 pools, with each pool having a winner and then 2 Wild Card Teams also advancing.  The four pool winners were Team Kornblatt, Team Watts, Team Dorfman and Team Cohen (all received 7 pts for this) and then Team Bulgatz and Team Bruck were the Wild Card teams (both received 3 pts for this).  If you look at the pool winners there are likely no surprises here.  All of those teams have stud Volleyball squads with Ex high school and college players, with the exception of Team Watts who just figured out how to keep the ball up and let the other teams make the mistakes.  The thing to take away from pool play is that Brian “@BULGATZ” Bulgatz guarantee came true and Team Bulgatz is finally on the board! Congrats to the whole Galaxie group.  As the dust settled the top two seeds Team Kornblatt and Team Watts received byes into the Semi-Finals and left Team Dorfman to face Team Bruck and Team Cohen to face Team Bulgatz in the Quarter Final Round.

The Quarterfinal games were played to 21 using rally scoring.  One was close and one was well not as close.  Team Dorfman was angered by not receiving the Bye (do to Pt Differential) and took it out on Team Bruck.  Winning the game 21-5 and led by David “the taller” Dorfman’s spikes the Dorfmans were moving into the semis with a ton of momentum.  On the other court the game was severely more interesting. Team Cohen and Team Bulgatz split their two games during pool play and the rubber match would prove to be the most important.  Team Cohen behind the thunderous hits of Colin “everyone look out” Rice won the game 21-17.  Matt “quiet” Schwartz played really really well in the losing effort.  While his team leaves with only 3 pts, it is something to build on with 2 weeks left in the regular season.

So the Final 4 was set.  Team Dorfman would be matched up with Team Watts and Team Kornblatt would get Team Watts.  The three teams that everyone thought would be there were and Team Watts seemed just happy to be invited to the party.  Each of these teams received another 3 pts for advancing to the Final 4.  Team Kornblatt who sailed through their pool found themselves in trouble for the first time in the tourney with Team Cohen.  However after some smartly placed tips by Jeff “my 1-2” Nathan and some laserbeam spikes from Phil “BeastMode” Weisberg they ended up taking the game 21-17.  As they advanced to the Finals there was already a team awaiting them as for the second time in the Knockout Stages, Team Dorfman ran through the competition quickly and easily.  Team Dorfman with some big hits and digs from Eytan “the old guy” Azaria put away the surprise of the tournament 21-10.

The Medal games were played to 25. So Team Watts would play Team Cohen in the 3rd place game.  And as Vegas predicted Team Cohen took the match 25-14. Colin “must be fried” Rice was something else to watch the whole night.  Legit fear from players on the other teams.  Unfortunately they didn’t have enough to win the whole thing, but they will gladly take the 15 points and their position of 2nd place on the leaderboard.

The Final could not have been a better story had I rigged it.  Which I did not do. Anyways these two teams equal ratings. I swear I did not rig it.  But Team Dorfman and Team Kornblatt have had a storied rivalry.  It would not be exaggerating to say that these two teams could be the Bears-Packers of All Sports Series. Original teams with plenty of animosity no matter where the teams stand in the standings (Yes Dorf I acknowledge you guys are always ahead of them in the standings).  If you read above you can see how heated and close these two teams play each other.  Team Kornblatt however had yet to get the better end of the stick.  That all changed on Monday Night.  Yes, you are reading this right.  Team Kornblatt proved they are Greater Than every other when it comes to Volleyball.  Even without their fearless leader they persevered to take the crown.  The final score was 25-19.  This was a game of runs that eventually had a tie game at 18.  But the Greater Than gang rallied to go on a 7-1 run to close the tournament.  It’s hard to name a tourney MVP because realistically different guys stepped up at different times but Reed “no truck-sticking in vball” Adler, Zach “I’m not sure he still has a clue of how the tournament worked” Mirsky and Jono “3rd degree” Matasar helped the previously mentioned Nathan and Weisberg take the title.  With the win they catapult themselves into 3rd place after taking the 40 pts in volleyball.  If the last two nights are any sign of how the playoffs will be we are in store for some great action along the way.  One last note, with the 25 points from both flag football and volleyball, Team Dorfman is once again on top of the All Sports World.  Heading into week 6 they are in the number 1 spot so not all is lost for the Defending Champs.  Next Week is Hoops and I cant wait- Bart Scott style.


Thanks for reading if you made it this far.