City Week 6 Hoops and Playoff Scenarios

Updated: July 19, 2011

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Anyways, this Wrap-Up is going to be a little different than the rest. For those of you who read the Burbs blog (I’m putting the over/under on that 2.5. Some peeps get bored at work) it will be similar to last week’s Burbs blog. I’m going to give a brief overview of what happened in the games Monday Night and then really dive into all of the Playoff Scenarios for the last Week of the Regular Season next Monday. Should be somewhat of a long read so if you don’t feel like reading all of it, I’d skip down to the Playoff Section so that you know what does/doesnt matter for you going forward next week.

Week 6 Hoops:

It seems the longer the season goes on the closer the games get, might be a coincidence or might be a little extra effort with the playoffs looming. Either way Team Mason (PopChips) and Team Cohen (Sunset Foods) had a seasaw game that ended up in OT tied at 61. For those who have not experienced OT in hoops yet, we do Sudden Death. May seem a little extreme but Ive done 1 minute over times in the past and basically the team stalls for the last shot anyways. This provides the fairest way to do it. That being said Team Cohen fouled “Big” Andy Hasty who had a for sure lay-in winner coming to put him on the foul line. With ice running through his veins he sank the shot and gave Team Mason the much needed W. Hasty also had 12 pts to lead Team Mason in scoring while Captain “Less Big” Andy Cohen had 17 pts in the loss.

On the other court the game went to Team Glass (Steve’s Deli) who defeated Team Radist (BeSpoke Cuisine) 58-53. Glass led for most of the game but Radist wouldnt go away, they simply just ran out of time. Josh “Start guarding him at half court” Lurie put in 22 to lead all scorers and Justin “sorry but your name is not as fun as Joey Finklestein” Kaminsky put in 12 during the loss. Big W for Team Glass here as they keep up with the pack above them and are within striking distance for next week if a few of the top teams slip up.

The 8pm game to watch was Team Schoder (Whiskey Bar) vs. Team Greenberg (Millennium Real Estate). In the end the Schoders got the W 54-51 in a defensive masterpiece Thibs would be proud of. Captain Robby “It’s a hard C which I just realized not to long ago” Schoder (so its not prounounced Shader) dropped in 25 for his club and Jeremy “Rock N Roll Express” Morton put in 21 to lead Team Greenberg. Team Greenberg if you have not yet gone to Whiskey Bar with Aaron Levy’s Raffle win I suggest coordinating with Team Bruck. All Sports Series DOES NOT condone DRINKING GAMES AT WHISKEY BAR.

The other 8pm game was not as interesting. Team Merar (Dr. Jacob DDS.. FACT he is pulling out my wisdom teeth after the season) took down Team Bruck (Teplitz and Bell) 83-58. Selfishly Team Merar actually shot the lights out which delayed the start of the 9pm games. Brian “Finally” Deutsch led the game in scoring with 23. Drew “Super” Speight and Drew “Equally Super” Treutler both had 18 in the loss.

The 9pm games which became 9:10 games because of the whole no electricity on a 1/4 of the court thing featured two blowouts. Team Dorfman (Crystal Lake Jeep) defeated Team Bulgatz (Galaxie Home Remodeling) 51-16. The game was stopped at the half when Team Bulgatz insisted that Team Dorfman be tested for HGH. Results are pending. Benny “The Jet is Stealing Home! The Jet is Stealing Home!” Lalez had 15 when the game was suspended. Team Dorfman really separated themselves from the pack with this W.

Lastly, maybe one of the more surprising scores of the night, Team Watts (Whiskey Bar) defeated Team Kornblatt (Greater Than) 57-38. The win was not surprising for Watts as they are a very good hoops squad, just expected a bigger score Greater Than team fresh off their Big Vball win. Captain Jake “the Snake” Watts led his team with 17 and Zach “Mirsk”y had 12 in defeat.

The Playoff Picture:

Here are the Current Standings.

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Note that Softball next week is worth 25 Points. Here is the Schedule for Next Week. Also, note the Start times for the games.

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Hold on while I go and copy/paste this part from the Burbs Blog.. Wait for it. Ok CTL+v. Got it.

Ok so I’m going to go through the standings 1-12 and say the possibilities for the team. A few things to remember before I start going team by team. 8 teams make the playoffs. The first round is Hoops, the Semis and Final are 16″. Regular Seeding will take place in the 1st Rd. So 1v8, 2v7, etc. We will not re-seed, so if there are upsets it may cause some turbulence. Also note, if there are ties at the end of the Season, then the Tiebreaker will go to head to head. If the teams did not play during the season we will go to overall record during the Season. The Volleyball tournament will be factored as a win if the team advanced past pool play and a loss if it did not. So that would be out of 7 games. An example would be if you went 2-1 hoops, advanced in vball, lost hockey, lost softball, won in football you would be 4-3. If then it is a tie and hopefully that will not happen I will then go to strength of schedule. The way I will do that is by taking the teams that are still tied and add up their opponents points in the standings. The team that faced the most points during the season will get the nudge. Again that is unlikely but we have that if we need to go there. Ok lets do this.

1. Team Dorfman- with 95 points they have clinched a spot in the playoffs. With a W next week against Team Greenberg they will be the #1 seed. If they fall in softball next week, they can be jumped by the following teams: Cohen and Kornblatt. They could also end up tied with Team Watts. (that is assuming those teams win of course). So they could be between 1st and a Tie for 4th place.

2 and 3. Teams Cohen and Kornblatt – are tied for 2nd right now with 75 points. They have both clinched spots So the situations are the same for both teams. With a win they can finish no worse than a tie for 2nd. Again if Dorfman loses and either wins they could move into first or a tie for first if both win. Cohen plays Team Glass in a big game for seeding on Monday night and Team Kornblatt plays Team Radist who will be fighting for their playoff lives. With a L for either team they could fall as low as a tie for 7th. It seems like the magic number for the playoffs should hover around 65ish so these guys are in but need wins to hold their high seeds.

4. Team Watts – They have 70 points and have also clinched a spot. With a win and some help they can climb to a tie for 1st if all 3 teams ahead of them lose. Also, with a W they can finish no worse than 4th. Watts plays Team Mason Monday Night. With a Loss Watts could fall as low as 8th if things don’t work out well for them.

5. Team Glass – They have 65 points and by my math have also locked up a spot (the lowest team to do so as of now). With a Win against Team Cohen they can finish no worse than 4th but can climb all the way up to the 2nd spot if Teams Watts and Kornblatt fall. With a Loss Team Glass could fall all the way down to 8th as well if teams below them get victories. In my opinion, what happens with Team Glass on Monday night is the most important/interesting storyline we have going. They are a great Hoops team, simple as that. So with such a large range for where they can be seeded it is going to be really interesting and maybe season changing depending on who and where they wind up. I think I could sell tickets to a 1st Rd. Hoops game between a them and Team Dorfman. Just something for everyone to keep their eye on.

6. Team Bruck – With 58 points, they are the highest team to have not clinched a spot as of now. With a loss they may fall out all together. Depending on what happens with Teams Merar, Mason and Schoder. Basically if Bruck loses and all of those teams get Wins, they’d be the odd man out. With a W however, they could climb as high as a 3rd place finish. They would need Teams Kornblatt and Watts to fall (Glass and Cohen winner would be #2 in this scenario). They play Team Schoder in somewhat of a Bracket Buster game.

7. Team Merar – These guys have 55 points and with a win will make the playoffs and can climb as high as a Tie for 3rd. With a loss they can find themselves on the outside looking in on the playoffs. If Teams Mason and Schoder win and they lose, Team Merar will be out. If one of those Teams win and Team Radist wins, those 2 will be tied for 8th. This is another team that is a very very good basketball team so if they do get in, they very well could ruffle some feathers. They play Team Bulgatz in the last week of the season.

8. Team Mason – If the playoffs started today, with their 50 points they would qualify. Unluckily for them however they dont start today. More maybe lucky for them because I dont think anyone would be envious of their 1st rd matchup with #1 seed Team Dorfman. Anyways, with a W Team Mason is in. They can climb as high as 3rd or a Tie for 3rd depending on who wins in the Middle of the standings. With a L, it wont look good for Team Mason. A loss for them + a Win for any of the following teams: Schoder or Radist would result in them not making it. Or if both of those teams lose and Team Greenberg they would actually be tied with them for the final spot.

9. Team Schoder – This is the first team out that doesnt control their own destiny. Schoder has 35 points and even with a win will need some help to make it. A Win + A Loss from Teams Bruck, Merar or Mason and these guys will be in the playoffs. A loss and they are done. Simple as that. If they do win they can only pass the above 3 teams so their peak seed is number 6. I just remembered that Team Schoder actually plays Team Bruck in the last week, SO WITH A WIN TEAM SCHODER WOULD BE IN. Then if Team Merar or Mason lose they could rise up the standings into a better seed. If those teams win they will at least be in as the 8 seed & if you are in anything can happen.

10. Team Radist – Team Radist has 30 points and needs a bunch of help to get in. First things first they need to Win. If they lose they are done. That is simple, so their game against Team Kornblatt is a playoff game essentially. If they win Team Radist needs 2 of following 3 teams to lose: Merar, Mason and Schoder. If that doesnt happen and only 1 of them lose, they can’t make it. If Merar is 1 of the 2 teams that lose then there would be a tie for 8th and we would have to hit up the tiebreakers. The highest Team Radist could wind up is Tied for 7th with Team Merar and that is if all 3 of the previously mentioned teams lose. Anyways, yes Team Radist needs some help.

11. Team Greenberg – They have 25 points and are not mathematically eliminated. However, A lot has to go there way. They need to win first of all. If they lose they are done. Then they need the following teams to lose: Mason, Schoder and Radist. If that happens + they beat Team Dorfman, then they can Tie for 8th place with Team Mason, who since they beat in Flag Football Team Greenberg would get the spot. May seem unlikely but of course anything can happen.

12. Team Bulgatz – With the 3 points they cant make the Dance. However, they will be a key member of the Non-Playoff Team Tournament of 4. They also, will likely have the 1st pick in the Draft.

That is all. If there are any questions about the playoff stuff do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me.

See you all next Monday Night.