City Week 7 16″ Softball and Playoff Matchups

Updated: July 26, 2011

Latest video is above. Real quick congratulations to Marco Pambianco of Team Mason for winning $50 to Whiskey Bar Chicago on Rush St. and to Jeremy Bauer of Team Cohen for winning a case of Greater Than.

Before I start Wrapping Up Monday Nights Games let’s look at the Standings from before Monday.

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So that is where we were before games. Now let’s take a look at how the games on Monday Night went down and then what the Matchups for the 1st round of the playoffs will be next week.

There were three games at 8:30. All of which of course had playoff implications. Team Mason (PopChips) needed a game to ensure a playoff spot against Team Watts (Whiskey Bar). Team Watts had a possible top 3 seed on the line. Team Watts got the W 13-11 which means they locked up at least a Top 4 spot and that Team Mason would need to cross their fingers and hope that every team behind them in the standings lost too. Team Watts pitcher Jason “went the distance, ice your shoulder” Bohrer was quoted after the game saying, “I didnt have my best stuff tonight, but I know we’ll be in the final 4 so I didnt want to show all my cards anyways..” Time will tell if his words are true.

Team Bulgatz (Galaxie Home Remodeling) was one of those teams behind Team Mason in the standings and they were facing Team Merar (Dr. Jacob DDS). Team Merar needed a win to also ensure a spot and to possibly climb into the top 5. Merar got the Win 12-0 as a result of very solid defense from the whole team including Michael “Does it All” Bailen. So on the Team Mason, watch 1 down and three teams to go (lose.. teams are schoder, radist and greenberg).

The final 8:30 game was between 2 of the Top 5 teams in the Standings coming into Week 7. Team Cohen (Sunset Foods) and Team Glass (Steve’s Deli) (numbers 2 and 5 respectively) have been battling since Stevenson HS IMs. There is history in this rivalry. On this night Team Cohen would get the upper hand and seal at least a tie for 2nd and quite possibly the #1 overall seed in the playoffs. They got the win 12-10 in an up and down affair. Team Glass should be fine for the playoffs, however the confidence might not be as high as it could have been. Andy “slides” Cohen will lead his bunch into the playoffs next week as one of the favorites. I would really love to see another matchup between these two.. Scroll down to see who they matchup with in the first round of the playoffs.

The 9:30 games would finalize the playoffs. Team Dorfman did what they do. They dominated from Northbrook. Winning their game 23-4 and sending Team Greenberg and their playoff hopes home. Zach “warning track power” Bulwa played a very nice shortstop in the win. Team Dorfman will be the #1 overall seed in the playoffs and since they are quite possibly the best hoops team in the league, I dont envy the #8 whoever that may be. Note now that Team Greenberg lost, Team Mason will make it with losses from Teams Radist and Schoder.

Getting to Team Schoder (Whiskey Bar) they needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive against Team Bruck (Teplitz and Bell). Team Bruck needed the victory to climb up as high as the 5th seed, and avoid some of those killer hoops squads atop the standings. Team Bruck got it done 12-10 in another well played game. Scott “I have been spelling your name wrong for way too long I apologize” Nemshick got 4 hits and played a nice 1 bag in the win. Team Schoder is heading to the “Other 4” Tourney after this loss and Team Bruck will be climbing the rankings with their final win.

Finally Team Radist (BeSpoke Cuisine) faced Team Kornblatt (Greater Than). Team Kornblatt needed the win to stay even with Team Cohen to try and get the 2nd spot or at least not fall any lower than 3rd while, Team Radist needed the victory to sneak into the 8th spot. Team Kornblatt got the W 19-8 led by Daniel “Pitching extraordinaire and short shorter” Elrod. What this means is that Team Radist’s season will end in the “Other 4” Tourney while Team Kornblatt allowed one of their rivals Team Mason to backpedal their way into the Playoffs. Crazy final night for a crazy regular season.

Below is a list of the final standings after Week 7 Softball.

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Now here is the schedule for next week’s Playoffs Hoops Games.

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Note that we use normal seeding, 1v8, 2v7, etc.. For the “Other 4” group I did the same. 9v12 and 10v11.

Finally the reason Team Cohen got the 2nd seed over Team Kornblatt was because of the team’s overall record in the regular season.. The teams did not play head to head in a non-volleyball game during the regular season so the first tiebreaker was void. So I went to the 2nd which was overall records, which Team Kornblatt went 4-3 and Team Cohen went 5-2. Thus Team Cohen gets the nod as the 2nd seed and the distinct honor to play Team Glass in a rematch from this week.

Good Luck to all and I will see you next Monday Night.