Chicago Men’s History – Est. 2011

At a Glance


2011 – Team Merar

2012 – Team Dorfman

2013 – Team Maione

2014 – Team Watts

Most Final4s:

3 – Team Dorfman/Hakimian (2011, 2012, 2013)* (Also won 2010 Suburbs College/Prep League)

2 – Team Watts (2011, 2014)

2 – Team Hadelman (2013, 2014)

2 – Team Merar (2011, 2012)


Year by Year


Champions – Team Merar

Runners-Up – Team Dorfman
Final4 – Team Watts and Team Glass

Notes – 12 Team competed. Team Merar were the first ever Chicago Men’s League Champs. Team Dorfman won the first ever All Sports Series League the year prior (2010, Suburbs College/Prep) and followed that up with a Runners-Up in 2011.. They would later become Team Hakimian (Chicago Men’s), Team Lalez (All Sports Hoops), and Team Lazarov (Chicago Co-Ed).  Team Glass would later become Team Fallows.




Champions – Team Dorfman

Runners-Up – Team Bulwa
Final4 – Team Apuli and Team Merar

Notes – 16 Teams competed.  Team Dorfman made their 2nd straight Chicago Men’s Championship (and 3rd straight if you count the 2010 Suburbs College/Prep League).. this year winning the Crown.  They would later become Team Hakimian (Chicago Men’s), Team Lalez (All Sports Hoops), and Team Lazarov (Chicago Co-Ed).  Team Bulwa who started as Team Maione-M in the Suburbs College/Prep League would later become Team Bernkopf (Chicago Men’s League) and Team Harmelech (All Sports Hoops).  Team Apuli would later become Team Daar (Chicago Men’s League) and Team Apuli (Chicago Co-Ed & All Sports Hoops). Team Merar made it to their 2nd straight Chicago Men’s League Final4.



Champions – Team Maione-A

Runners-Up – Team Hadelman
Final4 – Team Radist and Team Hakimian

Notes – 18 Teams competed. Team Maione-A won their first Championship as a Team in 2013.. Members of this Team won the 2011 Suburbs College/Prep League as Team Glickman.  Team Maione-A would also play under the same name in All Sports Hoops as well. Team Hadelman made it to the Championship Game in their Rookie Season and members would of this Team would play as Team Goldin (All Sports Hoops). Team Hakimian which was formerly Team Dorfman made their 3rd consecutive Chicago Men’s Final4 (and 4th straight counting the 2010 Suburbs College/Prep League).. They also would become Team Lazarov (Chicago Co-Ed) and Team Lalez (All Sports Hoops).


Champions – Team Watts

Runners-Up – Team Zimmerman
Final4 – Team Hadelman and Team Holzman

Notes – 24 Teams competed. In their second Final4 appearance (2011) – Team Watts won their first Championship in 2014.  Team Hadelman made it two straight Final4s (in their first two seasons of All Sports Series) and also have members competing as Team Goldin (All Sports Hoops).  Team Zimmerman and Team Holzman made their first Final4 appearances in 2014 and also compete under the same Team Names (All Sports Hoops).  Many of the Players on Team Zimmerman also compete as Team Bartlett (Chicago Co-Ed) and competed in both of the 2014 Chicago League Championship Games (Men’s & Co-Ed).