Chicago Men’s League Details

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Chicago Men’s Summer League Details:



  • Monday Nights starting June 11 and June 18 (some Teams will have Byes Week 1 and Double Headers later in the Season).
  • Games are between 7-10pm for an hour with an occasional 6:30p or 9:30p start
  • Teams typically have between 9-15 players.
  • Stats, Dri-Fit Jerseys, real Refs, and Prizes (such as Trolleys/Rooftop Tix and shirts)
  • As well as Weekly Highlight Videos and Power Rankings included.



Season Specifics:

  • Regular Season lasts 7 Weeks. Each Team will play:
    • 3x Hoops, 16″ Softball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey and Volleyball Tourney
  • Playoff Format (NEW FOR 2017:
    • Top 16 Teams qualify.  Single Elimination.
    • Sweet16 and Elite8 are a combination of Hoops, Floor Hockey and 16″ Softball in Week 8
      • The Bracket will be seeded in 4 pods of 4 teams.. The Teams will be seeded 1-16.
      • The Top-4 Seeds in the Playoffs will get to choose which sport their respective pod will play for the Sweet-16 and the Elite8 round.
      • There will be two pods playing Hoops and 1 pod playing both Floor Hockey and Softball.
      • The #1 Seed will choose first, then the 2nd etc.
      • Example — The #1 seed chooses basketball for their pod. That means the #1 v. #16 Sweet16 Game, the #8 v. #9 Sweet16 Game and the 1/16 v. 8/9 Elite8 match-up will all be basketball.. Then the #2 seed will select from what sports are left..
      • Decisions will be made on the day after the Regular Season concludes.
    • Final4 and Championship are during Week 9 of All Sports Series.
    • The Final4 will have 1 Hoops Game and 1 Softball Game. The highest remaining seed heading into the Final4 gets to select which of those two their Final4 Game will compete in.
    • The Championship will be Flag Football.

Cost Per Team:

  • $1155 per Team which covers everything above
  • For Details on how to Register contact
Pictures of Dri-Fit Jerseys: