2014 Madison Leagues – PLAYOFF PREVIEW (Oct. 26 & 27)

Updated: October 30, 2014

Well Ladies and Gents.. the best time of the year is officially upon us!  It’s PLAYOFF TIME!  Before we get into everything Playoffs, here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights w/ Flag Football and Hoops action from this past week!  This Week’s Power Rankings will serve more as a Playoff Preview than anything else.. We’ll go through and explain how the Brackets work and what matchups we are in store for.  Click here to see the PLAYOFF BRACKET!  OK so we’re going to go through both Leagues and breakdown what’s ahead.. In under 2 Weeks our Champions will be crowned!  Co-Ed’s turn to start things up!

Co-Ed Playoff Preview

The Co-Ed Playoff Bracket is pretty straight-forward.. All Four Teams have qualified for the Single-Elimination Tourney.  The Final4 Round will be played on the Hoops court and then the Winners from this Monday Night’s Final4 will play on the following Monday (Nov. 10) where we will Crown our Champs on the Flag Football field (played at KEVA Sports Center!)  Let’s breakdown the Final4 shall we!

Final4 Hoops

1. Team Bruksch (Goben Cars) v. 4. Team Smith (Distinctive Foods)

Team Bruksch started off the League on a blazing pace, stockpiling win after win after win.. A few weeks back it seemed as if they might go Undefeated on the Season.  However, that streak was finally broken at the hands of Team Klein last Monday Night.. Then they dropped another heart breaker this time to Team Fischer on the Hoops Court and it seemed as if the #1 Seed was going to be reeling heading into the Playoffs.  They had one last chance in their second of two Games on Monday Night and they were able to right the ship and get their momentum back with a Hoops W in their final contest of the Regular Season.. (Quick aside: Want to give a Bday shout out from this past Monday to Cal Ehrke!) They’ll need to use what they learned over the course of Monday Night in order to get into the Championship Game..

Standing in their way is Team Smith. Team Smith dropped their final battle of the Season to Team Fischer on Monday Night. Need to give a GET BETTER SOON to Lauren Ehrich who took a nasty shot to the face on Monday Night but handled everything like a Champ! Hope to see you back out there soon..  Team Smith ended the Season tied with Team Klein but due to a strength of schedule tiebreaker (they played Team Bruksch less times than Team Klein basically) they wound up in the #4 spot.. Team Smith has had a good season. They’ve excelled in multiple sports — the one thing they were unable to do in the Regular Season though — was beat Team Bruksch.  These two never tangled in Hoops though so Team Smith should not feel like this is an impossible.. Not that they would.. While the Standings may suggest otherwise.. This is going to be an unbelievable battle with the Winner being very deserving of their spot in the Championship Game.  The Winner of course will face the Winner of this matchup…

2. Team Fischer (Badger Bowl) v. 3. Team Klein (Biaggi’s)

Team Fischer ended the season on a high note this past Monday Night — winning not one but TWO Hoops Games.. They took down both of the squads in the other Final4 matchup.. Team Klein will pose a fresh threat on the Hoops Court.. You have to wonder, even though Team Klein won the tiebreaker with Team Smith (explained above) — did they really get the advantage?  Just a few days ago Team Fischer beat Team Bruksch in Hoops and seemingly established themselves the beasts of bball in the Madison Co-Ed League… Both of these Teams have had their ups and downs throughout the tumultuous Regular Season and both everything it takes to earn the Crown on Nov. 10..  It would be irresponsible to not point out the Playoff experience that’s held by members of the Team Klein roster.. The Regular Season is one thing, but business surely picks up during Playoff Time and some of the guys on Team Klein’s crew have held the Crown before.. You can’t count out experience.. You just can’t.. Whoever does manage to earn the W will make it to the Championship Game and take on the Winner of the other Final4 Game Highlighted above.. Who is it going to be?


Men’s Power Rankings

Where as the Co-Ed Playoff Bracket was fairly cookie cutter.. The Men’s Bracket is anything but.. Here’s where we stand. The Top6 Teams qualified for the Playoffs.  The Top3 Teams actually have already secured their spots in the Final4.  More on them later.  On Monday Night Hoops will provide the arena for the first Eliminations of the Season.. This is how it’s going to down… The 5. Team Weisberg and 6. Team Pulfer, yes the two lowest seeded Teams, will kick things off in the first Playoff Game of the Night.  Loser goes home from the Winter.. The Winner moves on and plays again! Right away!  The Winner will move on to take on the 4. Team Saltzman.  The Winner of that Game between 4 and 5/6 will be our last Final4 participant.  As for the Top3 Seeds.. 2. Team Callahan will play 3. Team Holway in Hoops on Monday Night.. The Loser just awaits their Final4 opponent.  The Winner will move on and play again.. Right away.. vs 1. Team Max!  The Winner between 1 v. 2/3 will actually GET TO CHOOSE their Final4 Flag Football opponent for next Monday Night’s Games. While the other two Final4 Teams will also battle.

The Final4 and Championship Games will be Flag Football on Monday Nov. 10 at Keva Sports Center!

Opening Round Hoops – Elimination Games

5. Team Weisberg – AEPi JR (Goben Cars) v. 6. Team Pulfer – Fiji (SLA Insurance Purple)

In our first Elimination Game of the Night these two Teams will do battle for the first time this Season..  Both have struggled in the win/loss columns but have proved to be much stronger as the Season ramped up.. Both squads have what it takes to make a Cinderella run at this thing, but obviously that can’t happen without a Win in this first game.. Expect a defensive battle where every possession is fought tooth and nail.  Both Teams know that points come at a premium, especially in the Playoffs, so you can’t afford to give up any freebies.. Captain Randall Pulfer averaged 15 points per Game this season and was one of the top scorers in the League.. Team Weisberg will have to contain him and hope that their own top scorer – Adam Carney – can get hot from the field.. It could come down to which one of these guys will have a better night.. The Winner will stay on the court and play in a second Elimination Game against…

4. Team Saltzman – KSig SR (9 Round Madison) v. Winner of 5/6

Team Saltzman will play the Winner of the first Game for a spot in the Final4.  They were the Runners-Up last year and have been on a mission since this time last year to get back there and win it all!  They sort of got shafted when the seeding came down — they got passed on the League’s final night due to a bunch of double headers (due to the weather).. and from a points in the Standings perspective — had a much more difficult schedule than a couple Teams who finished in the Top3.  That’s just the way it goes though sometimes — you must play the Teams put in front of you and let the chips fall as they say.  At the end of the day, the seed is only a number for them. They’ve been to the Championship Game.. They know how to navigate through the Playoffs.. In fact, they did so last year as the #6 Seed.. They are still one of the favorites.. They just need to take care of business on Monday.

Opening Round Hoops – Seeding Games

2. Team Callahan – KSig JR (SLA Insurance Green) v. 3. Team Holway – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s)

As a reminder, both Teams have qualified for the Final4..  This is NOT an Elimination Game.. However, the stakes are still huge!  The Winner of this Game will move and immediately play 1. Team Max for the right to choose their Final4 opponent.   Think of the gravity that decisions holds!  Back to these two Teams.. Team Callahan has been a front-runner all season long.  They have as much talent as anyone in the Madison League — and they put it on full display Monday Night when they knocked off #1 Team Max in Hoops.. That the first time in almost two full years that Team Max suffered a Loss in a head to head sport (non-volleyball basically)… So Team Callahan knows that they have everything they possibly need to win the whole thing.. The question becomes can they put it together enough times in a row?  We know Team Max has what it takes.. As for Team Holway, some may be surprised to see them up as the #3 Seed — which is due to a very late season surge that included them winning 3 Games in two days.. They had some make-up games due to weather and used their momentum to shoot right up the Standings..  People may point to their schedule and say were these guys really tested?  Well, they sure will be come Monday Night!

1. Team Max v. Winner of 2/3

They are the Defending Champs.  They are the #1 Seed.  They are the favorites to win the whole thing again.  BUT, for the first time in two years — we saw a chink in the armor.  Team Callahan beat them in Hoops on Monday Night.  A reality and an emotion they have yet to face as a unit.. Now, before we paint this totally grim picture of the odds on favorite for the Crown — let me remind everyone — these guys had a double header on Monday Night and picked up a W right after taking that first L.  They obviously weren’t too, too distraught.  However, that seed of doubt has been planted and they may have to look it square in the eye on Monday Night if Team Callahan gets past Team Holway in the first Game.  Team Max will be playing the Winner of that Game for the right to choose their Final4 opponent.  It’s a huge deal as you can really scheme for the League’s final night. That choice could really impact who makes the Championshp Game and who is standing when all is said and done!

Good Luck to everyone, have a great weekend and see you Monday Night for the Playoffs!

– Holden