Suburbs League Week 1 Hoops

Updated: June 10, 2011

What a Week 1 for All Sports Series.  The Suburbs League opened up on Wednesday night with bigger scores and stat lines.  Many have asked about the “mystery man” who put up 52 Points on Wednesday Night.  Well there he is Jordan “Mr. 52” Liss swishing another free throw.  For those not following on Twitter @AllSportsSeries  Mr.52 @Jliss13 has earned himself the first ever Greater Than (@DrinkGT) Moment of the Week Award.  Now to the actual games themselves..

Jordan plays for Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel Warehouse), who is captioned by Eric “Egor” Gordon (and is my cousin, so he definitely gets a shout out).  Team Gordon fell to to Team Hakimi (Sandusky Cabinets) 82-71 (no typo).  Team Hakimi is captained by Mike “Xerxes” Hakimi who added 14 pts to his team’s total. Brad “3-ring” Binder and Brett “CW Energy” Winer put in 23 and 22 respectively.  This was the highest scoring game in All Sports Series history. Nuff Said.

The second early game matched up Team Harris (Johns Garage/ Leonard’s Towing) vs. Team Wilneff (Dr. Jacob DDS).   This was a back and forth affair that ended with Team Harris winning 69-64.  Team Wilneff just never got that final push they needed to retake the lead.  Captain Ben “Neil Patrick” Harris scored 11 but more importantly seems to have put together an extremely formidable squad for their first year in All Sports Series.  The Key contributor who if not for Mr. 52, would have gotten a significant more amount of recognition but oh well, Jake “How long did it take you to learn how to spell your last name” Shlofrock had a whopping 32 points.  This also eclipsed anyone in the City league and was simply impressive.  In a losing effort Captain Brian “@BrianWilfneff” Wilneff put in 14 alongside Bradley “Registered 3 times more than anyone else in the league” Schwartz who scored 18.

The Middle set of games featured two lopsided scores.  In the first Team Kotvis (Once Upon a Bagel) who is headed up by “Captain” Lou “Albano” Kotvis defeated Team Mordini.  Both teams are in their first All Sports Series season and were looking to make an impact.  Team Mordini (Norton’s) just seemed to run into a buzzsaw with Team Kotvis but will look to rebound in the Volleyball tournament next week. Team Kotvis won 50-33 over Team Mordini.   Captain Max “If I knew your Twitter Handle I’d enter it here:” Mordini was heard speaking of defensive strategies for next week in Volleyball so look out for them!  Team Kotvis really looked great with a deep bench and some height.  They will be a difficult match up for any basketball team out there.  The leading scorer for Kotvis was David “Dream” Hakimi (or is that only for your cousin? my bad if i got that wrong) with 14 pts.

Then was what some might have called the Game of the Night before the actual Game occurred.   Team Levine (Sunset Foods) took on Team Maione (Tamales).  Team Maione was a mainstay last year in All Sports Series ultimately finishing in the top 4.  However on Wednesday night the newly formed team from the 54521 looked bigger, faster and stronger.  Team Captain Matt “Chowdaaaa” Levine has assembled a team that after Week 1 may just be the odds on favorite to take the Crown this season.  Jordan “please for insurance purposes stay out of his way” Reisner put in 14 but his presence was felt even more than that.  As well Jordan “The Blog is here!” Multack put in 13 in the victory. The final score was 63-48 Levine.  At the Rec on-lookers were talking of a possible changing of the guard with this victory but with the solid team Captain Mike “he who will always be my Recorder” Maione has assembled, I’m sure Team Maione will be around during Playoff time.   Sam “T” Harmelech picked up the first T of the Suburbs league this summer.  I really dont want to institute a a Melo rule (similar to the Wallace rule in the NBA) but he’s making a case for it. He also had 19 and almost had Team Maione back in the game in the second half.  Adam “Air” Bernkopf made fans hold their collective breath as he dribbled into the open court, in what would have been the first dunk of the summer, however he decided to go causal and lay it in.  Bernie if your going to do it, please let me know ahead of time I would love to get a really cool pic of it for the website!

The West coast games of the night experienced some technical difficulties.  I would like to apologize on behalf of the scoreboards for malfunctioning.   Anyways on to the action.. Two of the top teams from last year Team Rhum (Galaxie Home Remodeling) took on Team Golman (Buffo’s).  Team Rhum got the win 76-62 in another high scoring affair. I dont know if its the extra 4 mins or what but the scoring is way way up from last summer.  Captain Adam “Spiced” Rhum chucked in 14 for the winners and he got help from Jonny “I am THE” Bulwa put in 15 and I swear about 9 or 10 happened in a minute. He was NBA JAM on Fire!   Team Golman played valiantly but were shorthanded with only 5 guys and simply ran out of time and energy.  They needed some Greater Than and FRS for sure (enter shameless plug here: Check).  Captain Spencer “A” Golman was sporting his high socks and was on the ground diving like he was playing shortstop.  He put in 14 and Jason “he looked to be in pretty good” Shape scored 16 in the loss.   Team Golman and Team Maione both made runs in the middle of the competition last year.. So dont sleep on ’em.

The final game of the night matched up Team Glickman (Sarkis Cafe) against Team Bayer (Bob’s Pantry & Deli).  Glickman got the win 79-54 over Bayer.  Team Glickman set a record for most attempts to see/alter/negotiate the stat book in a single game. Another All Sports Series Record!  Their entire roster did wind up with double digits except for Bradley “Brian wins Hoops Rd 1: 15-7” Deutsch who had 17.  “Slick” Rick Silverman had 22 and captain Mikey “He really likes it!” Gilckman had 14.  Anthony “the only brother not on team” Maione had 10 but fouled out.  Jeff “” Nault poured in 13 and made our sweet T-shirts. Check out the site.  Team Bayer will have to work some kinks out, but with Volleyball next week, they might be on top of the standings come next Wednesday Night. Captain Conor “you and I should talk about a sweet nickname for you” Bayer made sure his team kept composure during the contest and Tyler “scored more than anyone with 2 first names” Max had 26.  26 is a lot of points, crazy to think it wasnt in top few of the week.

So that does it here for this week. The EFT Sports Performance Combine kicks off next week and the Volleyball Tournament is Next Wednesday night. See you all at the rec!