Suburbs Playoffs – Finals Softball

Updated: August 4, 2011

As anticipated the Last Wednesday Night of All Sports Series provided amazing drama throughout. But before we get to the Playoff Wrap-Up a few things.. The Playoff video is above, it is a bit longer than normal but it has the whole Playoff run in there and is well worth the time (I mean I made it so I think so). Also there were TONS of Raffle Winners this past week, really quick here they are: Michael Grayson, Cooper Annenberg, Alex Chilow and Max Mordini all won $25 to Tamales in Highland Park.. Jordan Liss (Mr. 52), Jordan Multack, Owen Kugler and Jake Preskill all won Free Oil Changes from John’s Garage and Leonard’s Towing.. Jake Harris won $25 to Norton’s. If you haven’t gotten your prize let me know. Also, I’d like to give a special thank you to Greater Than who once again came out to support the league and made the Championship Night Greater Than. Final thing, I just want to let everyone now what is at stake for the teams tonight. In addition to the unrivaled bragging rights the Champions will have they will also go home with sweet Champs Ts designed by Jeff Nault (JBN Designs on Facebook) as well as Cubs Bud Light Bleacher Seats for Next Wednesday Night for Ron Santo Night. As a consolation prize the 2nd place team will all get 10 passes for open gym to the HP Rec, so they can train in the off-season and hopefully get 1st next year.

Ok now that we got that out of the way, its time for the Final 4. In the Quarterfinals most of the top seeds got victories with only one lower seed (5) getting through. This left us with the matchups of #1 Seed Team Levine (Sunset Foods) against #5 Seed Team Wilneff (Dr. Jacob DDS) and #2 Seed Team Glickman (Sarkis Cafe) against #3 Seed Team Rhum (Galaxie Home Remodeling). Let’s start with the latter. Team Glickman started out fast jumping out to an early 3-0 lead before Team Rhum could even blink. The hits kept coming early on as Jason “takes great candid pics” Stein and Ricky “rolled” Silverman got Team Glickman on the board. Eventually in the 6th inning Team Rhum battled back behind some big hits of their own. Robby “All Sports Series sure has alotta” Feldman got a big RBI to tie the game at 4. The game was flying by with little base runners for much of it. The 7th inning came and went with both teams deadlocked at 4 so to extra innings we headed. At this point one big hit or one big error would be enough to send a team the Finals. The 8th inning saw few hits but Team Glickman did manage to get Carter “Iron Man” Krueger into scoring position with 2 outs. Team Rhum managed to get out of that jam and to the 9th we went. Again Team Glickman made quick work of Team Rhum, as only one guy reached base in the Top of the 9th being Sam “Sterny, not you Andrew” Sternberg. Finally in the bottom of the 9th the tie was broken. With only 1 out away Ricky “casual fist pump” Silverman sent a deep fly ball to Left and Johnny “what isn’t this guy good at” Lindquist tagged up and beat the throw home. Team Rhum battled and sort of flew under the radar all summer. They had solid squads in every sport and great team chemistry. Last night really gave off the impression that they are just one big stick away from taking the crown in 2012. Team Glickman refrained from celebrating because they knew they still had a large task infront of them. Remarkably these guys go to watch the end of other game…

…If you havent realized yet, that means the other game went even longer than the 9 inning marathon in the first game. Team Wilneff struck first claiming the early 1-0 lead in the Top of the 2nd. Courtney “Let him spin” Frison knocked in Owen “happy 21st Birthday” Kugler who had doubled right before. Team Levine seemed a little surprised by being down as it did not happen to them often throughout the summer. However they did recover and eventually would take the lead, only to give it back up and then once again tie the game. A huge part of the momentum swing for Team Levine was Jordan “he who hit the longest ball I’ve ever seen hit at Sunset” Multack. Honestly it was so far. Unfortunately, I was filming the other field at this point so there is no video evidence, but it was far. I swear. Towards the end of the game, the two teams were tied at 4 (just like in the first game). What was different from the other Final 4 game, was the wasted opportunities both teams had late in the game. Base runners were aplenty. However, untimely popups or base running errors kept the defenses alive. Once again we found ourselves in the bottom of the 9th. Josh “gets MVP votes” Berman who was pitching so well for Team Levine managed to lead off the inning with a single. After a fielder’s choice Tellef “awesome catch in the video” Lundevall found himself on third with the big stick of Jordan Multack again walking to the plate. After much discussion by Captain Brian “whose a really good hitter, I just never noticed before Wednesday” Wilneff and the rest of his team they opted to pitch to the Animal (Multack). The ball was flung into the air and with one swing Multack sent his team to the finals unleashing a laser to left center. Team Levine was overjoyed with their win and stormed the field. Team Wilneff will be back next season no doubt and after coming so close in the Semi-Finals in a sport that no one would consider their best, they have to feel pretty confident going into next season. After the brief celebration, Team Levine head over to field 1 where Team Glickman awaited them for the Championship Game.

Team Levine took the field as the home team and the #1 seed, but that would be the last time they were on top, at least for this season. Team Glickman wasted zero time putting up a 4 spot, matching their whole run total from regulation of the Semi’s, in just the first inning. Captain Mikey “dont call him Mikey” Glickman had one of the big hits in this inning as did David “put it where they’re not” Spreckman. Team Levine scored 2 when it was there turn to bat but that was where most of their firepower came from. It seemed as if they had just run out of gas from earlier in the night. Team Glickman ended up tacking on 5 more runs and the Final Score was 9-3. What may seem like an anti-climatic end to a drama filled summer was really anything but. The semi-final games definitely sucked alot of the air out of both teams. Fortunately for Team Glickman they got their first cracks in while the ball was hard as possible and then they were able to coast for the rest of the game. Team Levine truly is a stacked squad that I have no doubts can and likely will return right back to the Championship game next year. May I suggest hitting up EFT Sports Performance a few times before then.. Just so fatigue will not come into play. In all seriousness though, both teams really had amazing runs to even get to the Championship game. Team Glickman had to overcome not 1 but 2 overtime thrillers to make it. This is what All Sports Series is all about, you can’t just be good at one sport or two. Had Team Levine not been so solid at volleyball who knows what their seed would be and you can have a million “what ifs” after that.

I’ll leave you a few notes. First, the obvious EFT Sports Performance Team of the Week and Summer is Team Glickman for winning Crown. And their starting pitcher Anthony “the only bro with a ring” Maione was the Greater Than Moment Week as the Captain of the defense and only giving up 7 earned runs in two games of Playoff Softball.
Finally, start playing General Manager now, All Sports Series 2012 is only a short 9.5 months away.

See you then,