Suburbs Playoffs – QuarterFinal Hoops

Updated: July 29, 2011

The New All Suburbs Video is posted above. Quick congrats to all of our Raffle Winners from Wednesday Night. Adam Bernkopf, Anthony Maione, and Griffin Cann won free Oil Changes from John’s Garage/ Leonard’s Towing, Kevin Ware won 12 bottles of Greater Than and Danny Gubin won $25 to Norton’s. Ok so enough of this other stuff…

This Wednesday Night was the moment we were all waiting for… The Playoffs definitely add a little something extra to the league. Teams normally are edgy but this was unlike anything we had seen before. Screaming was at an all time high for sure. In a way I would expect nothing less.

One of the first games were The 2 Seed Team Glickman (Sarkis Cafe) against The 7 Seeded Team Harris (John’s Garage/Leonard’s Towing). This game was basically knock someone down or your are gonna get knocked down yourself. Just plain physical. Team Glickman jumped out to an early lead and kept it through out most of the game but Team Harris just kept gnawing at the lead. Never taking it but just staying with the favored 2 seed. I don’t know what it is but there is definitely a correlation to when a team’s sponsor shows up that team performs above their expected level and this was no different. (Thanks to the guys from John’s Garage for making it out). The score was 47-46 for what seemed like the last ten minutes of the game. Team Glickman added a big bucket late in the game and led 49-46. With about a minute left Brian “We’re not going home tonight” Harris nailed a 3 to tie the game. No one else scored for the rest of regulation and to Overtime it went. Overtime in the playoffs is 3 minutes long and then if it were to go to a 2nd OT we would go Sudden Death. Anyways in OT Team Glickman got off to a fast start behind Johnny “This is the difference maker in the league right now” Lindquist. He had 25 in the game. Cooper “CoopaLoop” Annenberg added a big bucket at one point to tie the game at 51 during OT but Team Glickman was just too strong in the final minutes and ended up getting the W 59-51. Team Harris pushed them to the brink and I think could be one of the final teams standing next year. Team Glickman next week will face the winner of…

3 Seed Team Rhum (Galaxie Home Remodeling) and 6 seeded Team Golman (Buffo’s). Simply put, this game was less interesting than the other. Team Rhum got off to a hot start and really didnt cool down too much during the night. They eventually won the game 77-65 but the score is not truly indicative of how well Team Rhum played. Even after their Captain and Leading Scorer, Adam “hold the diet” Rhum who had 24 points, fouled out with 7 minutes to go, Team Golman couldnt get within 10. Team Golman was really hindered by their seed. I’d say maybe the best softball team in the league, they just couldnt get it together on this night for Hoops. Kevin “Feldy” Feldman was on fire for the losing squad and had 19. I can honestly say the remaining teams are happy that Team Golman will not being playing in the Softball rounds. So this sets up a Final 4 matchup between the #2 Team Glickman and #3 Team Rhum in 16″ next Wednesday Night.

The second set of games was of course highlighted by the #1 Seeded Team Levine (Sunset Foods). Remember they had the choice of who to play between the 5-8 seeds and chose #8 Seed Team Kotvis (Once Upon a Bagel). Team Kotvis came in with a chip on their shoulder probably due to feeling snubbed with being the first pick. Unfortunately for them they were just outmanned and overpowered by Team Levine on Wednesday Night. Led by Tellef “If you would just give me some sort of a signal from now on before you dunk the ball, I will get it on the video, maybe give me a People’s Eyebrow or something” Lundevall went bananas dunking a couple of times and putting in 29 points. When I say dunk I dont mean he casually strolled up on a fast break and just got the ball down. He ThunderDunked the basketball in traffic. (Thunder Dunk is patten pending). Oh ya, Team Levine won 63-46. Team Kotvis started off so hot this season but seems as if they peaked just a little too soon.. They will be back next year no doubt. With the age on this team you have to wonder however….. will they move to the City League? Team Levine shrugged off the loss in Week 7 and acted as if it never happened Wednesday Night. This team was not happy however after the win preaching how they have 3 more goals this season. Beat the winner of the Team Bayer/Team Wilneff Game in the Final Four, then Defeat whoever stands in their way in the Championship and finally to Feed Josh “we’re” Berman and Jake “hungry” Preskill after the game. Tellef, Multack and Reisner eat all their food.

So 3/4 of the Final Four is set at this point all with higher seeds advancing. You’d think that if any upset were to occur it would be in the 4. Team Bayer (Bob’s Pantry & Deli) vs. the 5. Team Wilneff (Dr. Jacob DDS).. And since I’m foreshadowing this pretty hard, ya you’d be right. Team Wilneff pulled off the upset 57-52 in a really well played game. They also avenge a Week 5 Hoops loss to Team Bayer. Wilneff got the win and their spot against Team Levine (no one is envious of that) because of really excellent shooting from Bradley “Throwback Uni” Schwartz and his 26 points. Tyler “scored 22 points” Max scored 22 in this one for Team Bayer. The game was close throughout but Team Wilneff controlled it in the closing minutes and Team Bayer really never hit the big shot they needed to either tie the game or take the lead. Of all Teams this year Team Bayer may have been the nicest surprise. In their second season in All Sports Series they took the leap from youngest/sometimes overmatched to a team that no one wants to play in any sport really. These guys will be back next year and I think anything less than a Final 4 appearance would be a disappointment for these guys.

Here is the schedule for next week. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY.
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So the stage is set.. 1. Levine vs. 5 Wilneff and 2. Glickman vs. 3. Rhum.. The Final 4/Finals will showcase just who has the deepest squad as you need 10 to win in Softball. I’m not sure who will come out on top but I know the winner will have to earn it.

Have a nice weekend and Good Luck Next Week.