Suburbs Prep Flag Football League Details

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Prep Flag Football League Details:


  • Saturday Afternoons starting Sept. 15. Games are at 3:30 & 4:30p most weeks.
  • The Prep Flag Football League is played at Wolter’s Field (Varsity Turf)
    • In some instances Games will be played at Sunset Park
  • Teams typically have around 10 players. Games played 7 on 7.
  • Stats, Dri-Fit Jerseys, real Refs, and Prizes (such as Trolleys/Rooftop Tix and shirts)
  • As well as Weekly Highlight Videos and Power Rankings included.

Season Specifics:

  • Regular Season is 6 Games.
  • Playoff Format
    • Single Elimination Tournament

Cost Per Team:

  • $750 per Team which covers everything above
Pictures of Dri-Fit Jerseys:

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