Suburbs Week 2 Volleyball Tournament

Updated: June 17, 2011

Check out this video from the past week’s action:

Second, big congrats to Team Kotvis (Once Upon a Bagel) for winning this year’s volleyball tournament and earning 40 total points on the night.  They also are the Week 2 EFT Sports Performance 2Big2Fast2Strong2Good Team of the Week! The volleyball tournament always provides some separation in the standings and this year it did just that.  Team Kotvis is alone at the top but Team Levine (Sunset Foods) who got second in the tournament are only 10 pts back in the Standings with 5 weeks to go in the Regular Season.

What many of you didnt know is that Teams Maione (Tamales) and Team Levine competed in the First Rd of the EFT Sports Performance Combine this past Wednesday night as well.  You can ask them about yourselves but I heard only good things.  Next week Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) and Team Mordini (Norton’s) will be taking on the EFT Combine.

Anyways back to the volleyball tournament.  Pool play was provided for some of the best matches of the night. There were several 15-13 scores and a couple 17-16s mixed in as well.  Easily the hardest pool was Pool A.  Team Kotvis the eventual champion battled with Team Golman (Buffo’s) and Team Glickman (Sarkis Cafe) with each game coming down to the wire.  Team Kotvis who more or less steamrolled the competition in there 3 Knockout Round games, didn’t even go undefeated in the group losing a game to Team Golman.  Team Golman got some nice kills from Myles “Kaluh” Kaluzna.  Team Glickman really missed their captain out there who could not attend but got a solid performance from Rick “@rsilverman11” Silverman who looked like he just played a football game when he left the building.  All in all there were no questions who the class of Pool A was..

Pool B was not quite as competitive as Pool A but they did manage to send 2 teams into the Knockout Round. The winner of the pool was Team Bayer (Bob’s Deli) who managed to go 4-0 in their pool.  Team Rhum (Galaxie Home Remodeling) managed to squeak in with a 2-2 record in pool play.  Team Bayer looked like a cohesive unit, led by David “brother of Boris” Ofer and Danny “brother of Jack” Holzman.  They took the gym over during their hour and placed everyone on notice.  Some might think they will be dissapointed by their eventual 3rd place finish, but they earned a big 10 points on a night where many received zero. Team Rhum went one and done in the knockout round but picked up 3 pts before their exit and are in the top half of the leaderboard because of it.  Team Mordini is still looking for their first All Sports Series victory but they seem to have the 16″ softball build and will look to get on the scoreboard next week.

Pool C worked much like pool B.  Team Levine dominated going 4-0 in their pool led by Dean “Ali” Baba who kept getting up to get down. Several kills for this young fellow.  As well Jordan “Thunder” Multack added some kills of his own. Then there was Team Harris (John’s Garage/Leonard’s Towing) who went 2-2 and was good enough to advance to the Knockout Round as well. They were anchored by two Harris’, a Pollan and an Annenberg.  They kept the ball alive and did enough to earn 3 big points going into the third week.  Team Gordon rounded out this pool and much like Team Mordini they are still searching for their first points in All Sports Series. They are the youngins of the league and once they figure everything out, they should quickly ascend up the leaderboard. Team Gordon and Team Mordini will be competing in the EFT Sports Performance Combine this coming week as well.

The final Pool, Pool D went a little differently than the other groups.  Team Hakimi got caught at the airport and simply could not make it in time to the tourney, which left Team Wilneff and Team Maione alone to fight it out 4 times.  Team Maione, one of the early favorites, struggled again this week, dropping all 4 games to Team Wilneff.  Courtney “Boobie Miles” Friason was seen spiking from 2nd floor track.  Captain Mike “El Nino” Maione promised to have lineup shakeups in the coming weeks to provide a boost for his club.  He was seen in a distraught mood at Tamales late on Wednesday night.  Team Wilneff won the pool going away..

So from 6 there were 4.  In the Semi’s Team Kotvis defeated Team Bayer, which might be a turning point of the league, for the winners and Team Levine defeated Team Wilneff.  Setting up the third place game where Team Bayer earned an extra 5 points for the win.  Team Kotvis really took it to Team Levine early in the match and Team Levine just couldnt get back into the game..

That’s all for this week, see you next week at West Ridge for 16″ Softball