Suburbs Week 3 Softball

Updated: June 24, 2011

I’m not sure why each blog post starts with the word “Tweet.” I’ll get on that. Anyways, welcome to the Suburbs Week 3 Wrap-up. If you havent had a chance to check out the Week 3 Highlight Video, it is right here for you viewing pleasure: All Sports Series Week 3: City Hoops and Suburb Softball

If your scratching your head at the picture above, the answer is yes.. That is Eric Gordon, captain of Team Gordon in that picture with Tommie Harris. The 2nd Week of the EFT Sports Performance Combine was also this past Wednesday, and from what I hear both Team Gordon and Team Mordini did great and had a really fun time. If you have not had a chance to see EFT in person, you need to. It’s great in there. You never know what Bull, Bear or College Athlete will be working out beside you. Take us up on one of the EFT Deals of the Weeks in the Newsletter and you won’t be disappointed.

Ok ok, on to the week that was.. What a first softball of the summer. Classic “will they or won’t they.” Well news to those who couldn’t make it, we got all of the games in despite the eerie weather, lack of electricity in the burbs (hope everyone has theirs back by now) and traffic lights that caused dozens to be stuck in traffic. The night started with Team Levine (Sunset Foods) fresh off their 2nd place finish in the Volleyball Tourney against Team Bayer (Bob’s Pantry and Deli) who finished 3rd in Volleyball. What looked like it would be a nail biter early on quickly turned into a route. Team Levine took the game 17-3 and they really look like they have hit a stride going into the first flag football games next week. Led by Jordan “I will continue to compliment you in these posts bc if anything were to happen I’d want you on my side” Reisner who had 6 RBIs. Tellef “Is that spelled right?” Lundevall also helped carry the load by reaching base in every at bat. Team Bayer pitch David “BP” Ofer was seen kicking and punching the Greater Than coolers in the dugout between innings..

The second game of the night (which actually started 3rd due to every possible delay in the history of softball) matched up Team Hakimi (Sandusky) with the “better late than nevers” Team Rhum (Galaxie Home Remodeling. Rhum got the W 11-5 in a contest that no one would call a classic. There was a nasty collision at first base when Captain Adam “Diet Coke and” Rhum made a nice catch but wandered into the middle of the double bag and David “Dac” Chaimovitz barreled in trying to beat out the throw. (NOTE: All Sports Series does not condone drinking and neither player was harmed during the course of the game). Team Rhum could be one to watch in the later stages of the season. They are a solid basketball team and seemingly know where to place their players in the field for softball, so come playoff time they could be a tough out.

Next up was the game I personally was looking forward to the most when I glanced down at the Schedule for Wednesday night. Team Maione (Tamales) vs. Team Golman (Buffo’s) 2 veteran teams. 2 rival captains. 2 teams that should and probably will excel in softball as the season goes on. Boy was I wrong. Just Kidding. This was a well played, defensive softball game, unlike most during the night. Errors were at a minimum and you got the feeling that it would be one big inning that made the difference. Eventually Team Golman managed to break through and get the victory 4-2. Team Golman got a big lift from Danny “Benny the Jet Rodriguez-” Goldin who had a solo shot that proved to be a difference in the contest. Captain Mike “Mendoza Line” Maione went hitless in the contest. With his team still at 0 on the leaderboard, he did what all great leaders would do after another devastating loss. He turned to Twitter and guaranteed that his team will get a win..eventually. Just Inspiring.

Team Harris (Johns Garage/Leonards Towing) and Team Kotvis (Once Upon a Bagel) did battle on Field 2 in a game that I had no inkling about beforehand. Team Kotvis came into the night as the 1st place team after their win in hoops in week 1 and big volleyball tournament win in week 2. Team Harris however is an upstart of younger guys and doesnt seem to be too intimidated by anyone. Team Harris eventually pulled away and got the win 16-9. Team Kotvis is unbeaten no longer. The way things are shaking down in the Burbs it seems like the standings are going to fluctuate each week and Schedule is going to matter more than ever. After three weeks it kind seems like there is no dominant team and it will come down to who manages to get the first spots in the playoffs (Remember they get to pick their opponent out of the 5-8 seeds) and who squeaks in.
Team Harris got a big performance out of Brian “Do you have a Twiiter?” Levitas who went 3 for 4 and had 3 RBI. Team Kotvis seemed a little surprised by the loss but they said they cannot wait for Football next week when they play Team Levine in a rematch of the Volleyball Tourney Final.

The next game I want to keep short and sweet. Plain and Simple Team Glickman (Sarkis Cafe) who may be the most veteran Softball Team around walloped Team Gordon. The final was 26-2. Some think that maybe there was a hangover from the excitement of meeting Tommie Harris while others think that Team Gordon may just have everyone right where they want them, as they firmly have grabbed the reigns of the underdog role. Team Glickman got great performances from really the whole team. They scored 26 runs. Richard “Felix Pie” Silverman played well as did Jeff “I’m just happy you didn’t hurt one of the kids out there” Nault. After the Game one of the leaders of Team Glickman Anthony “Don’t do Interviews” Maione refused to touch on his team’s performance. Check it out in the week 3 video. He may still be sour over the quick volleyball exit? Either way Team Glickman has now moved into the upper tier on the leaderboard and may have just enough to take the whole thing.

The night cap pitted Team Wilneff (Dr. Jacob DDS) against Team Mordini (Norton’s). The game was played under the lights and mist. The Wilneffers took the contest 14-5. Team Mordini is also still looking for its first win in All Sports Series but when looking at the standings, one win will put them right in the playoff race. Team Wilneff on the other hand has looked solid for 3 straight weeks and with some better luck could really find themselves in front. For now they will have to be happy where they are. Next week they will battle Team Gilckman in what should be a great Flag Football Contest. Bobby “Bo Bo” Lindquist added 4 RBI to the teams total and Morris “Slow Home Run Trot” Grecco had a HR and 2 RBI as well.

That’s all for week 3. Like All Sports Series on FB, Follow @AllSportsSeries on Twitter and have a great weekend.