Suburbs Week 4 Flag Football

Updated: July 1, 2011

Check out the Week 4 Video with highlights from both Flag Football and the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois Gift of Life Walk. Really quick before I get into the Wrap-Up, some info from the walk.. It was a gorgeous day and event. The walk had a record number of walkers and raised over $130,000 which is really incredible. Team Gordon who All Sports Series (and all of you) support raised the 2nd most out of over 90 teams. Only Baxter, the corporate sponsor finished with more (and now we have a goal for next year!). Below are a few shots from the walk. I would like to give a special thanks to both Mark and Jon Sider from Greater Than who helped out during the walk.

Now let’s get to the Football.. Team Levine (Sunset Foods) and Team Kotvis (Once Upon a Bagel) were 1 and 2 in the Standings entering Week 4. With a win Kotvis would have leap frogged Team Levine into the coveted #1 spot. However, they could not pull off the win dropping the game 41-8. Sunset was led by QB1.5 Josh “I don’t do interviews at halftime” Berman who had 6 Touchdown Passes. This was enough to also earn Mr. Berman The @DrinkGT Greater Than Moment of the Week honors. Congrats to you. 4 of the TDs were caught by Jordan “@tackness” Multack. To break up the Shut-out Zach “Follow @AllSportsSeries on Twiiter” Freiburn connected with Michael “and ‘Like’ us on Facebook” Geske for a TD. Team Kotvis has now lost in two straight weeks after looking like the team to beat coming out of the gates. Can they rebound in hoops against Team Hakimi (Sandusky Cabinets) in Week 5.

Team Bayer (Bob’s Pantry & Deli) got their first non-volleyball points of the year by defeating Team Harris (John’s Garage) 23-14. Johnny “Isn’t that an awesome action shot?” Stempel helped the Bayers with 2 TDs and Cody “One of several former starting Varsity QB’s who played Wednesday night” Pantle ensured the W with 3 passing TDs of his own. In the loss Team Harris fought hard but seemed undermanned missing many of their regulars. Led by QB Danny “Definitely run first” Gubin who throw for a score and ran for one as well. All in all Team Bayer proved why they should and most likely will be a playoff team come August. Next week will be key for them as they play a team they are tied with in points Team Wilneff (Dr. Jacob DDS) in hoops.

After the games all teams posed for pictures with their FRS cans and smiles on their faces.

Okk so back to the action, the second set of games were headlined by Team Rhum (Galaxie Home Remodeling), who coming into the week found themselves 4th in the standings against Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel), who were still looking for their first points. This was a wild one folks. Team Gordon managed to get their first win of the season 30-26 as Trevor “Was GBN good this year?” Pontecelli threw for four big TDs, none bigger than the TD pass on the last play of the game. Justin “JuiceMan” Nein caught a big TD in the win as well. In a losing effort, Ryan “Smoother than Doug” Davis hauled in 2 TDs. Team Rhum find themselves in an interesting spot heading into next week’s hoops match-up with Team Maione (Tamales).

Speaking of which..Congratulations to Team Maione on getting their first points of the season AND on being named the EFT Sports Performance 2big2strong2fast2good Team of the Week. They won 42-8 in the biggest route of the night over Team Mordini (Norton’s). Entering Flag Football, three teams were pointless and two of them got the Ws last Wednesday night. Team Mordini still is having fun out there and are determined to get on the board soon. Everyone contributed for Team Maione as the Mike “Desi Relaford” Maione, Sam “Thanks for not getting ejected” Harmlech, Adam “Air” Bernkopf and “Sugar” Shane Rachman (times 2) all scored. These guys were one of the favorites in Vegas before the season started and this might have been all they needed to really get going. Consider yourself warned.

While I thoroughly enjoy all of the All Sports Series Action, the 9 oclock hour of football on Wednesday night was one I was looking forward to a bit more than others. Team Golman (Buffo’s) against Team Hakimi (Sandusky) was going to be fun and then the Main Event of the Evening, Team Wilneff (Dr. Jacob) v. Team Glickman (Sarkis Cafe). Team Golman got the W against Team Hakimi, in a fast paced, physical game. Golman’s guys got the win 41-14. The score was not indicative of the close nature of most of the game. Their were picks, diving catches, and nice flag pulls galore in this won. Spencer “Fed Ex” Golman had 6 TDs of his own on the night, 4 by Air and 2 by Ground. Daniel “At least I know one person checks out the website” Goldin grabbed 2 TDs as well. Team Hakimi saw a productive night out of Brad “3 ring” Binder who throw 2 TDs in about a half of play. The middle and bottom of the Leaderboard is getting really really exciting with only 3 weeks left.

Team Wilneff and Team Glickman had everything you could want and more from a flag football game. Well except scoring. With past High School Standouts galore on both teams this one was going to come down to the wire no matter what, and that it did. With game tied at zero with about 2:30 left. Team Gilckman suffered a safety during a miscue between past HP QBs Johnny Lindquist and Jeff Nault. A bad snap landed in the endzone and Team Wilneff was up 2-0 with the ball. Team Wilneff then just needed a first down to kill the clock and end the game. However Ricky “Get Picks” Silverman did just that and got the INT to give the ball back to Team Gilckman with about 2 mins to go and 20 yards to pick up. The scenario was then set. 4th down for Team Gilckman about 9 yards out with 15 seconds left. Lindquist rolled left spun back to the middle and then rolled right, set his feet and fired a laser that only former 2 Time All-Stater could have done and into the hands of Anthony “who would have though you would have been the hero with the all-star squad you have” Maione who scored the Game winning TD. Watch the video for a better version of what I just gave. Anyways Team Glickman picked up a much needed victory and ended the 1st ever Flag Football Night with a bang.

See you next week and have a Happy 4th!