Suburbs Week 5 Hoops

Updated: July 7, 2011


In case you missed last week’s video, there it is. This week’s will be posted in the City Blog on Sunday Night or Monday Afternoon. I’d like to say congrats to last week’s Raffle Winner’s David Ofer and David Ware. And this week’s raffle winners Zach Scheck from Team Levine who won a free oil change from John’s Garage/Leonard’s Towing and Ryan Sullivan from Team Kotvis who won a $25 Norton’s Gift Card. Also, Please “Like” All Sports Series on Facebook. It’s where all the multimedia is posted and eventually be where I do announcements once more people are on the page. One last plug, follow @AllSportsSeries on Twitter. Can’t shout out to you until I have your twitter handle.

Ok to the Wrap-Up.. There is a week (set of games) in every league where the switch is flipped. Tempers flare, the excitement of just playing sports with your friends wears off and the testosterone gets kicked in to a higher gear. This past week was “that week.” There was a look in a lot of people’s eyes I hadnt yet seen this season. With the playoffs only 3 weeks out (now 2 since the games are done) there is an urgent need for points. Certain teams rised to the occasion while others let the emotions get the best of them. The last two weeks should be very interesting especially next week’s Flag Football. Let’s get to the games..

The youngins of the league Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) and Team Mordini (Norton’s) battled one of the two early games. What started off as a slow defense battle quickly got going and turned into the most exciting game of the night. Team Gordon trailed for most of the game but kept chipping away at the lead. They eventually found themselves tied with Team Mordini with a few seconds left. As the ball got whipped around the key it found a way into an open Gordon Bros. for the layin with no time remaining. Team Captain Eric “still hasn’t beat me in a videogame EVER” Gordon put in 26 points leading his team to the 56-54 win. John “No Bricks Here” Bricker threw up 18 points in the losing effort. Team Gordon finds themselves with two straight wins and tied for the 8th and final playoff spot if the playoffs began next week. An incredible turnaround considering their lack of points as of just 9 days ago. Team Mordini will continue their search for some PTS next week against the 1st place Team Levine. Vegas has yet to release the line for that one.

The second early game was between Team Maione (Tamales) and Team Rhum (Galaxie Home Remodeling. Team Maione has found themselves on the Team Gordon plan. Just 9 days ago Team Maione has 0 points and wore the “Most Disappointing Team” Label. However what a difference a change of sport can make. They cruised to an easy win last week in football and took their confidence in with them to get the W in hoops this week 73-54. Team Rhum started off hot in early June but now find themselves clawing to just stay alive in the playoff race. The team managed to not utilize the 28 point performance by Sam “the best” Sternberg “in the league.” While no one on Team Maione matched the 28 from SS they had two who came close. The Captain Mike “I seriously need you to email Dan Ripes for me NOW” Maione put in 25 and Adam “You all have awaken a sleeping Giant” Bernkopf put in 26. If I were a Captain with the option of picking my opponent for the 1st round of the playoffs, I would really hesitate before choosing the Tamale Eatin’ crew.

How bout some Stevenson Flavor for ya? Ok cool. Team Hakimi (Sandusky Cabinets) squared off against Team Kotvis (Once Upon a Bagel). Both teams won their first Hoops, so I was really looking forward to this one. Team Hakimi eventually got the W in a hard fought closer than the score shows game. Final score: 52-41. Since hoisting the Invincible Volleyball Tourney Trophy Team Kotvis have put up a Bagel on the leaderboard (that means No points). Michael “Would you like to rent a..” Geske (think about that, soft G/J) led the team in scoring by putting in 10. Brad “5-Star” Binder went off for 22 in the Win. Team Kotvis is still looking good for a playoff spot but they will really need to get a win in the next two weeks to lock it down. Team Hakimi however is on the outside looking in with two weeks to play and next week’s football game against Team Harris may be make or break.

The second 8pm game saw Team Glickman (Sarkis Cafe) v. Team Harris (John’s Garage/Leonard’s Towing). Don’t want to spend too much time on this one. Team Glickman won the game 84-47. This one got testy as many would think a game like this would. Team Harris had an off night and Team Glickman well.. scored the most points in All Sports Series history. Just happens sometimes. Team Glickman is really climbing the ranks and has a nice path to the Number 2 overall seed for the playoffs. To get the number one seed Team Levine would have to falter once if not twice (which seems unlikely at this point). The Sarkis boys got strong performances out of Johnny “Starting to garner MVP recognition” Lindquist who had 17 pts. Anthony “scored more than Frank but less than Mike” Maione had 19, Ricky “Rubio” Silverman led the team with 25 and David “Triiii Cola” Spreckman had 15. Again they had a good night. Team Harris got 11 out of Jake “pretty hard to say, let’s be honest here” Sholfrock. Team Harris will surely shrug this one off and be ready next week for their game with Team Hakimi. Playoff implications galore next week.

The late games had two great matchups. The first game was an OJ special with Team Golman (Buffo’s) and Team Levine (Sunset Foods). Team Levine was and will be the favorite now heading into every game that they play. This was no different as they proved to be too much with their 12 man roster winning the game 64-54. Levine was led by Josh “see Johnny Lindquist above” Berman’s 15 and Scott “Bench Mob” Plotnick who chipped in with 11. Each week it someone new for this team and they really look like the team to beat. They have the deepest team for sure and since softball (Semis and Championship sport) requires you to be deep they really are the favorite. Team Golman was missing a few key pieces most notably their captain. Danny “one of the more fun athletes to watch no matter the sport or league” Goldin added 10 in the defeat. Team Golman is tied for 5th so they are still in line for a playoff spot but will need to win one of the next two weeks to lock it in. Next week they play Team Bayer (Bob’s Pantry and Deli) …

…who defeated Team Wilneff (Dr. Jacob DDS) in the second most exciting game of the night 67-64. Team Wilneff was down 6 hit a three, forced a steal and then just ran out of time as the buzzer sounded. This game was really a clash of two styles. Team Bayer wanted to slow the game down (even running a 3 man weave at one point) while Team Wilneff led by Courtney “Let him Spin” Frison wanted to go go go. Captain Brian “Wet Willy” Wilneff put in 15. As for Team Bayer, who are quickly rising up the Leaderboard, Jonny “@jstemp2” Stemple threw in 28 big ones. The kid was Clarence Carter Strokin’ out there. The Bayers find themselves alone in 4th and with a football game with the 5th place Team Golman next week there’s no time to settle down.

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