Suburbs Week 6 Hoops and Playoff Scenarios

Updated: July 15, 2011

Above is the newest Video. This Wrap-Up is going to be a little different than the previous editions. I want to focus more on what’s to come than what happened this week. So most of the post will go through the Standings and try to give all of the playoff scenarios following next week’s final regular season week. Before we get to next week here is an abbreviated version of this week’s highlights. I’ll be straight up with you, as the games went on during the night they went from increasingly dramatic and interesting to not as interesting, so start from the top and if you get bored scroll down to the playoff scenarios below.

The first game held playoff implications as coming into Week 6 Team Bayer (Bob’s Deli) was in 4th went Team Golman (Buffo’s) was in 5th. The game went down to the wire and went into OT tied at 44. Team Bayer eventually got possession of the ball after a controversial double dribble call (watch the video and decide for yourself if there was a foul or if there was a double dribble) and went on to get the Sudden Death Victory when David “have you gone to Norton’s yet?” Ofer drove into the lane and put the ball in. Leading scorers in this game were Danny “when people say your name during the game I think they are calling me..” Holzman who had 18 for the Bayers and Jeff “Brother of BeastMode Phil” Weisberg who also had 18 for Team Golman.

The other 7pm game also went to OT! Team Harris (Johns Garage/Leonards Towing) was tied with Team Hakimi (Sandusky Cabinets) at 73 going into OT. Captain Mike “banged up” Hakimi scored a last second put back to send it in to OT. Then after the tip the other Team Captain Ben “@bRharris10” Harris got possession of the ball and sank a 20 FTer that ended the game and got his team the W 75-73. Ben also led his team in scoring with 21 and Brad “I’m running out of types of” Binder had a whopping 31 in the loss.

Team Wilneff (Dr. Jacob DDS) then took on and defeated Team Gordon (Gordon Bros Steel) 68-59. It was a big night for the Captains all around as Captain Brian “has seen 95% of Suburbs games this season” Wilneff had 26 points. That total while impressive, is still 15 less than Team Gordon’s leading scorer Jordan “I cant call you Mr. 52 anymore but I guess we can settle on Mr. 46.5” Liss who had 41. Yes 41. Which LOWERS his AVG PTs scored to a minimal 46.5 points. Are you kidding me? Unfortunately for him and his teammates they couldnt pull out the win.

On the other court, the Number 1 seed in the Suburbs League, Team Levine (Sunset Foods) showed just why that is the case by winning 81-29 over the winless Team Mordini (Norton’s). There’s not much more I can say about Team Levine other than I think it will take a serious upset for this team not to wind up in the Championship game. Josh “still locking out the media” Berman had a quiet 23 points in the win, almost outscoring the competition. AJ “dropped 3rd” Levin put in 10 for the Mordini Bunch.

The last set of games was anchored by a contest between Team Glickman (Sarkis Cafe), who came in Number 2, and Team Rhum (Galaxie Home Remodeling). Many considered Team Glickman the heavy favorite heading into this one but Team Rhum inspired by their sponsors presence (Thanks for coming!) really just put the hurt on Team Glickman. They led by 20 for most of the game and eventually won 64-43. David “someone had to be the leading scorer” Spreckman had 13 in the loss and Captain Adam “Bacardi” Rhum had 21 in the win. This may have been the biggest upset of the season and that is not a shot at Team Rhum at all, its just surprising that a team that has looked so dominant lately and especially in basketball could lay such a colossal egg. Can they flip the switch back on next week?

Finally there was a matchup of teams heading in different directions. The once 1st place Team Kotvis (Once Upon a Bagel) has a hit a major skid since winning the Volleyball Tourney back in Week 2. While Team Maione (Tamales) is on a roll since gaining their first points in Week 4. Wednesday night both streaks were continued as Team Maione won 72-64. Again fair warning if Team Maione does get into the playoffs, which will be discussed below, this is not a team you want to play. They led throughout and seem to have all the pieces in place to make a strong run into the first week of August. Adam “Just Dunk It” Bernkopf scored 29 and Sam “fairly respectful with the ref on wednesday night, nice work” Harmelech added 24 of his own in the win. Team Hakimi’s scoring was spread out but David “love machine” Hakimi was the leading man with 14.

The Playoff Picture:

Here are the Current Standings.

Team (# = playoff seed)
Points (Points Behind Leader) -x = eliminated from playoffs
1. Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels)122 (0)
2. Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance)108 (14)
3. Team Wilneff (Illini Tower)98 (24)
4. Team Greco (Student Valet)92 (30)
5. Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe)90 (32)
6. Team Levin (Tamales)80 (42)
7. Team Goldin (Menchie's) - Wins Tiebreaker from head to head Week 1 W.78 (44)
8. Team Holzman (Nova-HP) -
Loses Tiebreaker from head to head Week 1 L.
78 (44)
9. Team Rubin (Bob's Deli)70 (52)
10. Team Maione (Leonard's Towing/John's Garage)60 (62)
11. Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS)57 (65)
12. Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too) - Wins 3-Team Tiebreaker, (1-0 Head to Head, 3-4 Overall Record, 365 pts against for Strength of Schedule) 50 (72)
13. Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) - Gets 2nd in 3 Team Tiebreaker (1-0 Head to Head, 3-4 Overall Record, 358 pts against for Strength of Schedule) 50 (72)
14. Team Watts (Vertutti's) - Loses 3-Team Tiebreaker (0-2 Head to Head)50 (72)
15. Team Valvassori (the Alley)35 (73)
16. Team Karis (Sunset Foods)25 (97)
Team Kirsch (Crescent Movers)20 (102)-x
Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) 15 (107)-x
Team Harris (Norton's)7 (115)-x
Team Annenberg (Once Upon)7 (115)-x

Note that Football next week is worth 20 Points. Also, the Wild Card in this whole thing is the EFT Sports Performance Combine. Remember that each event winner will gain 8 huge points for their team which means that there are 40 points out there to be had. Below are the current leaders for the Combine. Teams Rhum and Kotvis results are not factored into these leaders. Rumor has it that Team Rhum captured the Shuttle Time but until I have the official numbers I will leave it off. Teams Hakimi and Wilneff will participate this Week in the combine. As of right now if the records hold it would seem that the Rich would have gotten Richer from the combine but we will see.

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And now the schedule for Next Week:
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Ok so I’m going to go through the standings 1-12 and say the possibilities for the team. You just have to remember that the EFT points could skew some things. A few things to remember before I start going team by team. 8 teams make the playoffs. The first round is Hoops, the Semis and Final are 16″. In the first Rd the captains voted in the pre-season for the option to choose their first round matchups. This means Seeds 1-3 in that order will get to choose among seeds 5-8 for the Elite 8 Hoops round. Then the 4th seed will get the left over team. Also note, if there are ties at the end of the Season and after EFT is factored in, then the Tiebreaker will go to head to head. If the teams did not play during the season will go to overall record during the Season. The Volleyball tournament will be factored as a win if the team advanced past pool play and a loss if it did not. So that would be out of 7 games. This should only matter really for the 8th seed.

1. Team Levine – No matter what happens, even if they lose their EFT points, Team Levine has clinched the Number 1 seed. Now the question becomes who will be available for them to choose in the 1st round of the playoffs?

2. Team Glickman – Clinched a spot with 75 points they are alone in 2nd. They are also in line for 2 EFT wins which could mean 16 additional points. With a win they will secure 2nd no questions asked. However Team Maione has been rolling. With a loss they could fall all the way down to 5th which means they could be picked by a top 3 team for Hoops in the first round including Team Levine.

3. Team Bayer- Clinched a spot with 65 points Team Bayer managed to separate themselves from the rest of the middle of the pack. With a win they guarantee 3rd (assuming nothing crazy with EFT happens). With a win and a Glickman loss they can move up to 2nd. With a loss they can fall all the way down to a tie for 7th.

4 and 5. Team Harris and Team Rhum hold identical spots in the Leaderboard with 58 pts. Conveniently they will play each other this week so they will not be tied any longer after football (again assuming nothing crazy happens with EFT). The winner can finish no worse than 4th and with losses by Teams Glickman and Bayer could jump up to 2nd. However it is possible that the loser may not even make the playoffs. There are several ways this could happen but basically, if all of the teams from 6-9 win (wilneff and kotvis cant win cause they play each other, but the rest could win) then the loser of this game would be number 9. Unlikely but possible.

6. Team Kotvis – once a shoe in for the playoffs now really needs a victory to stay in them. With a win, no questions asked they will make it and could finish as high as a tie for 3rd. However with a loss and some bad fortune they may miss them all together. With a loss, Team Wilneff would have jumped them and then if 2 of the following 3 win they will miss the playoffs: Team Maione, Team Golman and Team Gordon. I’d say its still likely they are in, but crazier things have happened.

7 and 8. Teams Wilneff and Maione are tied with 50 pts and for 7th place. So they find themselves in similar places. With a wins they could climb as high as a Tie for 4th which is huge because they would not be allowed to be selected by the top 3 in the first round. However, with losses they could both could miss the playoffs altogether. Both teams Golman and Gordon are within 20 points of these teams so if those teams win and both these teams lose they could be on the outside looking in. Strictly from a numbers perspective I like Team Wilneff’s chances of getting in better, only because they don’t have to play what may be the best football team in the league, Team Glickman. Team Maione will have to EARN their playoff bid against Glickman.

9. Team Golman – with 45 points this team finds themselves on the outside looking in after Week 6. However, they are right on the cusp of being in and since multiple teams that are in the playoffs right now play each other, with a Win Team Golman will make the playoffs. They can end up as high as a Tie for 5th. If they lose they are done. So really the playoffs start this week for Team Golman. They will face the winless Team Mordini. Team Mordini while eliminated from contention will want to pick up their first win and play ultimate spoilers.

10. Team Gordon – With 35 points they also find themselves looking at the Other 4 bracket as opposed to the playoffs. However with an upset victory over Team Bayer and some help, they can also end up in the playoffs. Team Gordon will be rooting for Teams Maione and Golman to lose and for Team Kotvis to defeat Team Wilneff so that they could pass them as well. With a loss, obviously they are done.

11. Team Hakimi- With 30 points they are all but mathematically eliminated. They would need a win the three teams infront of them to lose and Team Kotvis to defeat Team Wilneff. If that happens Team Hakimi could end up in a tie for the final spot. Anything is possible however, so we will just have to wait and see. With a loss they will be finished and in the “Other 4” tournament of non-champions.

12. Team Mordini – they are officially eliminated but can play a major role in who can make the playoffs.

That is all. If you have any questions on something above definitely let me know. You can leave a comment right below.

Thanks for reading and good luck next week!