Suburbs Week 7 Flag Football: Final Standings and Playoff Matchups

Updated: July 21, 2011

Hey everyone. New video from this past week is above. Everything from Stats and Standings are updated on the website. Pics are up on the Facebook page: Please give it a “Like” when you go the page. Thanks! Quick Congrats to Frank Maione of Team Mike Maione for winning $25 to Norton’s last night in the Raffle.

So let’s get to it. This post will serve as an unveiling for who made the Playoffs, who is playing who in them and who unfortunately did not make the Playoffs and, thus, will be playing in the “Other 4” Tourney. This Wrap-up is going to be in timeline fashion starting with where we were before Wednesday Night’s Flag Football games.. Then to where we wound up as a result of those games, then where the ever important EFT Sports Performance Combine points fell and finally what matchups we are going to see in the Elite 8 Hoops Round next Wednesday Night.

These were the Standings heading into Week 7 Flag Football.
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Obviously there were several tight races in the middle. Here are the Results from Wednesday Night’s Flag Football
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A few things need explaining before I get to the individual game summaries. Before the games Teams: Hakimi (Sandusky Cabinets) and Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) both had to pull out due some unforeseen events in addition to the heat. So yesterday afternoon, I decided since both of those teams were doubtful for the Playoffs to just go ahead and take the two teams they were supposed to play and pit them up in a playoff preview of sorts. So Team Bayer and Team Levine played each other. Then Team Mordini also had problems with guys being at football all day and then not having enough numbers with the heat and such, so I allowed them to add a few guest players from other teams to play Team Golman. This is why Team Golman’s win says 2-0 in the Results Grid. It was a technical forefit before the game. However, the game was played and I will do a summary for it below.

Now to the action. Team Rhum (Galaxie Home Remodeling) and Team Harris (John’s Garage/Leonard’s Towing) came in to this week tied in 4th, looking to move up the ladder and prevent anything nuts from happening (getting jumped by many teams from behind and missing the playoffs). Fortunately for them, with all of the craziness that happened with the re-scheduling, it seemed the worst case scenario is that the loser would fall into the 5-8 seed range. Team Rhum started hot and stayed hot throughout the game(let’s be honest everyone was hot the whole night, but I think you get what I mean). They got the big W (and some Deerfield pride) 22-0. Captain QB Adam “could you stand farther from the Center?” Rhum throw for 2 TDs and Scott “WHOOP” Lakin caught 2 as well. Seriously nice jukes in the vid. As a fan of sport I’d love to see these two play again in the playoffs cause clearly both teams kicked it up a notch for this one. However as the person responsible for everything, I’d say, hopefully it’s in Softball.

Moving on, to the 8pm games which again were all jumbled up. Team Levine (Sunset Foods) had already clinched 1st place before the game and Team Bayer (Bob’s Pantry & Deli) was in the Top 3 coming into the week as well. Team Bayer pulled out the victory in one of the more entertaining and better played games in the season. The final was 34-32 as Team Bayer QB Cody “with all of the special QBs in the league, may have made his mark as THE QB” Pantle threw for 4 scores and ran for another. What’s more impressive is he did this against a team that had not lost a regular season game (they got 2nd in VBall..). Tyler “go deep” Max got behind the D for three TD grabs as well. On the other side of the ball the always impressive and guy who should get some MVP votes Josh “I will get an interview from you on one of these videos” Berman threw for 3 scores and added another on the ground. How will Team Levine bounce back from their first L? My guess is they will shake it off no problem but we will see next Wednesday night at 9pm.

The other 8pm game was between Team Golman (Buffo’s) and Team Mordini (Norton’s). So Team Golman will get credit for the 2-0 win and get the points, however the game was played out for fun and the results from that gave Team Mordini what would have been there first win! The final score of the non-counting fun game was 18-6 Mordini (Note that some guys on Mordini were really from Team Wilneff). Even so, Captain QB Max “Another Stud HP QB” Mordini threw for two scores and Danny Bazelon picked one off and went to the house. In the confidence rattling non-Loss for Team Golman, Captain QB “A” Spencer Golman connected with Myles “Tazmanian Devil” Kaluzna for their only score. Team Mordini will pick up some confidence going into the “Other 4” Tourney, while it seems the same can’t be said for Team Golman who will back their way into the playoffs (sorta). I’m curious to see what higher seed will pick this squad..

The 9pm games ended up being perfectly scheduled as most of the final playoff spots would come down to these 4 teams. The first game was between Team Wilneff (Dr. Jacob DDS) and Team Kotvis (Once Upon a Bagel). Coming into the week Team Wilneff was tied for 7th at 50 PTs (with Team Maione) and Team Kotvis was just 5 points ahead in 6th with 55 PTs. For those of you with short memories, it was not too long ago that Team Kotvis was King of the Castle after week 2’s Volleyball Tourney win. However, since then Team Kotvis has gone winless and have headed into a downward spiral.. That trend would continue on Wednesday Night as Team Wilneff picked up the gigantic win 26-7. Team Wilneff QB Morris Grecco “roman Wrestling” threw for four scores and looked just plain FAST out there on Wednesday Night. Jerome “Lloyd” Christmas caught 2 of the TD balls. So with the W Team Wilneff clinched, the fate of Team Kotvis however would be determined by EFT and Team Maione…

…Team Maione (Tamales) plain and simple needed a win to keep pace with Team Wilneff and to jump Team Kotvis. Unfortunately for them they ran into the buzzsaw that is Team Glickman (Sarkis Cafe) which may be the best Flag Football Team in either League. Glickman got the W 25-16 and put a huge damper on Team Maione’s playoff chances. Team Glickman QB Johnny “The All State State” Lindquist threw for 3 more and ran into 2 by himself. Jeff ” the team is so good at football, that former starting Varsity QB for the team that went the farthest in Highland Park History is playing Center” Nault had a TD grab and a sick interception as well. Who will Team Glickman select for the Elite 8 Hoops game? Scroll Down to find out. In the loss Captain QB Mike “the conversator” Maione threw for 2 TDs. However, he did not seem to care about stats when the game was over. He was quoted as saying, “No Comment” when asked about his stats. The only way Team Maione can get into the playoffs after this loss is if one of their team members won an EFT event. Would that happen?

Here are the Standings After Week 7 Flag Football but before EFT Sports Performance Combine:
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Below are the EFT Sports Performance Combine Final Winners. Each Winner receives 8 points for his team.
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So here is the fallout from the Combine Results. The rich got richer for the most part. Team Glickman picked up 16 points to get closer to Team Levine who got 8 points but could not over take them for first. Team Hakimi picked up 8 points thanks to Pushup master Kyle Schwartz. However they were too far away from the 8th spot to grab on to it. The biggest win came from Andrew “Iron Man” Goldstick who took the 15yd shuttle crown. He A) got 8 points for his team which if you look just above at the standings can gather that they will now jump Team Bayer into 3rd place and will get a key draft pick instead of just waiting for leftovers in their 1st round game B) With his victory he sealed the fate of Team Maione who’s last chance was to win the 15yd shuttle and thus hope over Team Kotvis. So without further ado Here are the FINAL REGULAR SEASON STANDINGS.

Team (# = playoff seed)
Points (Points Behind Leader) -x = eliminated from playoffs
1. Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels)122 (0)
2. Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance)108 (14)
3. Team Wilneff (Illini Tower)98 (24)
4. Team Greco (Student Valet)92 (30)
5. Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe)90 (32)
6. Team Levin (Tamales)80 (42)
7. Team Goldin (Menchie's) - Wins Tiebreaker from head to head Week 1 W.78 (44)
8. Team Holzman (Nova-HP) -
Loses Tiebreaker from head to head Week 1 L.
78 (44)
9. Team Rubin (Bob's Deli)70 (52)
10. Team Maione (Leonard's Towing/John's Garage)60 (62)
11. Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS)57 (65)
12. Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too) - Wins 3-Team Tiebreaker, (1-0 Head to Head, 3-4 Overall Record, 365 pts against for Strength of Schedule) 50 (72)
13. Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) - Gets 2nd in 3 Team Tiebreaker (1-0 Head to Head, 3-4 Overall Record, 358 pts against for Strength of Schedule) 50 (72)
14. Team Watts (Vertutti's) - Loses 3-Team Tiebreaker (0-2 Head to Head)50 (72)
15. Team Valvassori (the Alley)35 (73)
16. Team Karis (Sunset Foods)25 (97)
Team Kirsch (Crescent Movers)20 (102)-x
Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) 15 (107)-x
Team Harris (Norton's)7 (115)-x
Team Annenberg (Once Upon)7 (115)-x

So the 8 Teams have been finalized. Teams Levine, Gilckman and Rhum (in that order) will get to choose among Teams Wilneff, Golman, Harris and Kotvis. Then Team Bayer will face which ever team is left. Once the teams have been chosen, the bracket will not be reseeded. Below are the Picks.

With the 1st pick Team Levine selects: the team that finished 8th in the Standings. Team Kotvis.

With the 2nd Pick Team Glickman selects: the team that finished 7th in the Standings. Team Harris. So far its all chalk with the selections.

With the 3rd Pick Team Rhum selects: the team that finished 6th in the Standings. Team Golman. Which leaves, #4 Team Bayer with the team that finished #5 Team Wilneff.

How boring of all of you! I have been updating the picks as they come in and I am just horribly disappointed. All this chatter about matchups and now its going to be a simple 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5 Bracket. Oh Well. There are some guaranteed good matchups coming in the next couple of weeks.

As for the Other 4 Tourney.. Team Maione was granted the choice because they had the most points and they have selected Team Hakimi, who finished right behind them. Finally some scheming!

Here is the Schedule for Next Wednesday Night at the Rec.
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So that’s a wrap for the Regular Season. “Like” us on Facebook. Many more Raffle Prizes coming in the final two weeks. Thanks for reading. See you all Wednesday Night.