Suburbs College/Prep All Sports History – Est. 2010

At a Glance


2010 – Team Dorfman (Currently Team Hakimian/Lalez/Lazarov)

2011 – Team Glickman (Currently Teams Maione-A and Bernkopf)

2012 – Team Rhum (Currently Teams Sternberg and Shlofrock)

2013 – Team Greco (Currently Teams Wilneff and Maione-F)

2014 – Team Maione-F

Most Final4s:

4 – Team Rhum/Sternberg (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

3 – Team Stein/Levine (2010, 2011, 2012) – (Currently Team Maione-A)

2 – Team Greco (2013, 2014) (2014* as Team Maione-F)

2 – Team Maione-F (2012, 2014)

Year by Year


Champions – Team Dorfman

Runners-Up – Team Stein
Final4 – Team Golman and Team Maione, M

Notes – The Suburbs College/Prep League was the first ever All Sports Series.  12 Teams competed. Team Dorfman would move down to the Chicago Men’s League the following year and eventually become Team Hakimian (Chicago Men’s League), Team Lalez (All Sports Hoops) & Team Lazarov (Chicago Co-Ed).  Team Stein would become Team Levine and later Team Maione, A (Chicago Men’s League & All Sports Hoops). Team Maione-M would later become Team Bernkopf (Chicago Men’s & All Sports Hoops).



Champions – Team Glickman

Runners-Up – Team Levine
Final4 – Team Rhum and Team Wilneff

Notes –  12 Teams competed. Team Glickman would disband after the Championship in their first season as a Team and go on to become members of Teams Bernkopf, Horwitz, and Maione-A (Chicago Men’s League). Team Levine finished with their 2nd straight Runners-Up and would later become Team Maione-A (Chicago Men’s League).  Team Rhum would become Team Sternberg (Suburbs College/Prep) and some members would merge with Team Shlofrock (Chicago Men’s League).  Members of Team Wilneff would eventually break off and form Team Greco (Suburbs College/Prep).



Champions – Team Rhum

Runners-Up – Team Maione, F
Final4 – Team Abramson and Team Levine

Notes –  20 Teams competed.  Team Rhum won the Championship in their 2nd straight trip to the Final4 and would later become Team Sternberg (Suburbs College/Prep) and Team Shlofrock (Chicago Men’s League).  Team Abramson would later merge into Team Shlofrock (Chicago Men’s League).  Team Levine made their 3rd consecutive Final4 and would later become Team Maione, A (Chicago Men’s League & All Sports Hoops).



Champions – Team Greco

Runners-Up – Team Wilneff
Final4 – Team Sternberg and Team Simon

Notes – 20 Teams competed. Team Greco won the Championship against former teammates Team Wilneff.  Both Teams would again team-up the following season as Team Wilneff (Chicago Men’s League) while a few members would merge into Team Maione-F in 2014 as well in an attempt to Repeat (Suburbs College/Prep).  Team Sternberg took over for Team Rhum and made it to their 3rd consecutive Final4.



Champions – Team Maione-F

Runners-Up – Team Rijos
Final4 – Team Sternberg and Team Deutsch

Notes – 20 Teams competed. Team Maione-F took in players from 2013 Champs Team Greco and they won the 2014 Championship. The Players from the 2013 Team Greco became the first Players in All Sports Series history to go Back2Back in a Men’s League.  Team Sternberg made it to their 4th Straight Final4 (dating back to their days as Team Rhum), which is an All Sports Series record.