2019 Chicago Winter TUESDAY Hoops Championship Review – (March 12)

Updated: March 15, 2019

On Tuesday Night we Crowned our 2019 Chicago Winter TUESDAY Hoops Champs!

There were a few unique storylines entering the night: Could #1 Team Knox bring home their 2nd Hoops title within the last year? Or would #3 Team LifeTime Blur knock off the All Sports Series Hoops veterans and get their first ever title in an All Sports Series Hoops League? It was a great night of Hoops action with tons of fantastic performances.

We’re going to break down all the action below from the Championship game but want to say a big Thank You first and foremost to everyone for playing this season! We hope to see you all back out on the court in the Spring!

Quickly, for those participating in their first All Sports Series League…Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings…Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-6…You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video. Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League…Go to Sport Specific Leagues > Chicago Winter Hoops League…Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there…

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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Championship Game Review

#1 Team Knox vs. #3 LifeTime Blur

And then there were 2! #1 Team Knox would be on the Mt. Rushmore of All Sports Series Hoops Teams. They have now made it to 3-straight All Sports Series Hoops title games and were looking to take home their 2nd title within the last year. In the other corner is #3 Team LifeTime Blur who has put together another solid Hoops season and were looking to grab that ever illusive title. Considering the level of talent that they’ve run through this season, it would be no easy task. They were now one victory away from immediately launching themselves onto the radar of everyone in our Hoops League scene – not just TUESDAY Nights. Both Teams can really play, and we were in store for an excellent and thrilling Championship game.

This Championship game did nothing but live up to the hype as #1 Team Knox outlasted #3 Team LifeTime Blur by a final score of 89-78. #3 LifeTime Blur gave #1 Team Knox a run for their money as they held a slight lead going to half time. Anthony Granato was incredible for #3 LifeTime Blur as he dropped 25 points to lead his squad in scoring in this Championship Game. His partner in crime, Jeremiah Bankole also had 25 points, but it just wasn’t enough to put them over the top. After being in a dog fight for the first half and even being down at that point, Tremell Adams for #1 Team Knox turned it up a notch in the second half and led his team to an 89-78 victory. Adams had 29 to lead all scorers in this Championship Game and he couldn’t miss in the second half. Chris Elder did his part in leading this comeback victory by dropping 25 points to help keep pace of the game. With age and experience, #1 Team Knox used that to their advantage to mount a big come back and take the Winter TUESDAY Championship! We look forward to seeing these two teams battle it out in future Championship games!

For the Runners-up #3 LifeTime Blur – It was another amazing run this Winter. They didn’t leave with the ultimate prize but in what was a competitive league, they were a force to be reckoned with all season and advanced to the Championship Game for the first time in their young history. Their focus now turns to Chicago Spring season which will begin at the end of March and will hopefully feature them along with some of the other best Hoops teams in Chicago. Thanks for playing!

To the Champs #1 Team Knox – First off, big Congratulations! They were dominant and fun to watch play this Winter. We are hoping they will enter the Chicago Spring League this Spring where they would potentially turn this recent run of Championships into a true dynasty!


That’s it for Tuesday Nights this Winter. Thanks for playing! We hope to see everyone out on the courts in the Spring!