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All Sports Series is an intramural sports League featuring Teams of Participants playing different sports each week throughout the season.

During each All Sports Series, Participants will play basketball, flag football, softball, volleyball and more.

Leagues are played over the Summer in Highland Park, IL (College/Prep & Men’s Adult) and Chicago, IL (Men’s & Co-Ed). Leagues occur during the Fall for Campus Leagues (Champaign, IL & Madison, WI) and in Chicago, IL for All Sports Hoops.

Each Week, All Sports Series provides: Stats, Standings, Live Tweets, Video Highlights, Power Rankings Articles and Emails for its Participants and Sponsors.

All Sports Series is extremely proud of its relationship with the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois (NKFI).  A portion of the proceeds from All Sports Series goes to the NKFI. In 2013, for the 3rd consecutive year, All Sports Series was instrumental in making Team Gordon the highest non-corporate grossing team for the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois’ Gift of Life Walk. Actually in 2013, All Sports Series helped propel Team Gordon to become the highest fundraising group at the Walk, even surpassing corporate sponsors such as Baxter!

Finally the Local and National Sponsors have been an integral part of our dynamic.