Champaign Rosters

Players Must Play during Regular Season to be Eligible for Playoffs.

Team Alpha Phi/ZBTBrandon KellerChampaign Co-Ed
Team Alpha Phi/ZBTNick RoyChampaign Co-Ed
Team Alpha Phi/ZBTRichard GumirovChampaign Co-Ed
Team Alpha Phi/ZBTRobby NardiniChampaign Co-Ed
Team Alpha Phi/ZBTSimon ShindlerChampaign Co-Ed
Team Alpha Phi/ZBTSpencer RothChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiAnthony MoseleChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiBarrett NeathChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiBen NorgleChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiBilly BowbinChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiCodie BlackChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiDaniel GrechukhaChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiEli OlinChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiEthan LiChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiJack DenoChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiJason WasiukiewiczChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiJoseph MoseleChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiKoh ShibazakiChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiKyle DiniChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiMarkus GrasemannChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiMatt PriceChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiMatthias ZajdelaChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiMichael StumpfChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiMichelle LaqabChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiMichelle LaqabChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/Theta ChiNathaiel JarnaginChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiAbby IuorioChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiAbby NagyChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiAlison BorsottiChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiAlison BorsottiChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiAlison shikadaChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiAlyssa KorenchanChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiCam GrochChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiEmily RothChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiEmma RitzChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiGrace GoodmanChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiJenna CardarasChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiJenny SrnakChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiJulia MorrisonChampaign Co-Ed
Team AOPi/ThetaChiSkyler FrielingChampaign Co-Ed
Team Gphi/Sammy'sAndrew FerdmanChampaign Co-Ed
Team Gphi/Sammy'sBrett WernerChampaign Co-Ed
Team Gphi/Sammy'sDaniel FabianChampaign Co-Ed
Team Gphi/Sammy'sJared kornChampaign Co-Ed
Team Gphi/Sammy'sJustin GerszonoviczChampaign Co-Ed
Team GPhi/Sammy'sRachel ZilzChampaign Co-Ed
Team Gphi/Sammy'sRyan MassChampaign Co-Ed
Team Gphi/Sammy'sSean KatzChampaign Co-Ed
Team Gphi/Sammy'sZach LevinChampaign Co-Ed
Team Gphi/Sammy'sZachary ChristopherChampaign Co-Ed
Team Tri-Delt/SAEAlex AversChampaign Co-Ed
Team Tri-Delt/SAEBrandon WyethChampaign Co-Ed
Team Tri-Delt/SAEChris StearnsChampaign Co-Ed
Team Tri-Delt/SAEErik Arvydas BrannonChampaign Co-Ed
Team Tri-Delt/SAEJacob DuffyChampaign Co-Ed
Team Tri-Delt/SAEMary Grace McKinneyChampaign Co-Ed
Team Tri-Delt/SAENatalie BlamiresChampaign Co-Ed
Team Tri-Delt/SAEPeter MelvilleChampaign Co-Ed
Team AKLAbbas HyderChampaign Men's
Team AKLAdam NedbalskiChampaign Men's
Team AKLAngeeras RamanathChampaign Men's
Team AKLAun ZaidiChampaign Men's
Team AKLAustin KimChampaign Men's
Team AKLCaleb WeiseChampaign Men's
Team AKLChase CarnahanChampaign Men's
Team AKLChris HiscockChampaign Men's
Team AKLChris JosephsChampaign Men's
Team AKLDana TorresChampaign Men's
Team AKLDanny AllenChampaign Men's
Team AKLEddy BoutchekoChampaign Men's
Team AKLEddy BoutchekoChampaign Men's
Team AKLGiovanni PachecoChampaign Men's
Team AKLJack McClellanChampaign Men's
Team AKLJakob MartinezChampaign Men's
Team AKLJohn KimChampaign Men's
Team AKLKevin AlperinChampaign Men's
Team AKLKurt ThorsonChampaign Men's
Team AKLMitch SeversonChampaign Men's
Team AKLNathan PohlmanChampaign Men's
Team AKLNicholas AhlmanChampaign Men's
Team AKLNoah ClohisyChampaign Men's
Team AKLSebastianChampaign Men's
Team AKLSebastian AdamskiChampaign Men's
Team AKLTyler IgunborChampaign Men's
Team AKLWilliam DisselhorstChampaign Men's
Team ATOAndre KohnChampaign Men's
Team ATOAustin OkunoChampaign Men's
Team ATOBobby AustinChampaign Men's
Team ATOBrent GasparichChampaign Men's
Team ATOChristian KlosChampaign Men's
Team ATOChristian TalbotChampaign Men's
Team ATOColin MichelsChampaign Men's
Team ATODaniel ReinkeChampaign Men's
Team ATODoug GarzaChampaign Men's
Team ATODoug GarzaChampaign Men's
Team ATOJake BarrutiaChampaign Men's
Team ATOJoseph BinkowskiChampaign Men's
Team ATOJoseph D'AlessandroChampaign Men's
Team ATOKyleChampaign Men's
Team ATOMatt KleinhansChampaign Men's
Team ATOMatt KovatchisChampaign Men's
Team ATOMatt MaturskiChampaign Men's
Team ATOMatt MaturskiChampaign Men's
Team ATOMatthew StemperChampaign Men's
Team ATOMike AbadirChampaign Men's
Team ATONeal CurrieChampaign Men's
Team ATONick TaylorChampaign Men's
Team ATONoah BrownChampaign Men's
Team ATOQuinn GaughanChampaign Men's
Team ATORobert DunnChampaign Men's
Team ATOSean EwertChampaign Men's
Team ATOSean O'MalleyChampaign Men's
Team ATOSteven VogrichChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sAbe ZiadChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sAj SunmonuChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sAnna TomaszewskiChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sArif SunmonuChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sBrandon WyethChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sBrandon WyethChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sCarter RaithChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sChris StearnsChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sDavid DrabeckChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sErik Arvydas BrannonChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sJacob DuffyChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sKevin WenzelChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sPeter MelvilleChampaign Men's
Team SAE 18-19sSamuel TestoChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sAndrew FerdmanChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sBrett WernerChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sDaniel FabianChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sDylan BrownChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sJake PriceChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sJared kornChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sJustin GerszonoviczChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sKim GershkovichChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sRyan MassChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sSean KatzChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sZach LevinChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 18sZachary ChristopherChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 19-20sAdam PerlChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 19-20sNoah BrownChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 19-20sNoah BrownChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 19-20sNoah BrownChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 19-20sNoah BrownChampaign Men's
Team Sammy's 19-20sRoss AginsChampaign Men's
Team SigEpBrandon Harris Champaign Men's
Team SigEpBrock Portell Champaign Men's
Team SigEpBrode Portell Champaign Men's
Team SigEpDan MarshallChampaign Men's
Team SigEpDavid Jeffries Champaign Men's
Team SigEpDuane Farrington Champaign Men's
Team SigEpGrant Miller Champaign Men's
Team SigEpJeremy French Champaign Men's
Team SigEpKevin O'Keeffe Champaign Men's
Team SigEpLuke Hahn Champaign Men's
Team SigEpMitch Muller Champaign Men's
Team SigEpNick Pudik Champaign Men's
Team SigEpNolan Jasinski Champaign Men's
Team SigEpRyan Phillips Champaign Men's
Team SigEpSantiago TerronezChampaign Men's
Team SigEpTate Kennedy Champaign Men's
Team SigEpTripp Dewey Kessler Champaign Men's
Team SigEpVinny Lai Champaign Men's
Team Theta ChiAnthony MoseleChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiBarrett NeathChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiBen NorgleChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiBilly BowbinChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiCodie BlackChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiDaniel GrechukhaChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiEli OlinChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiEthan LiChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiJack DenoChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiJason WasiukiewiczChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiJoseph MoseleChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiKoh ShibazakiChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiKyle DiniChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiMarkus GrasemannChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiMatt PriceChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiMatthias ZajdelaChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiMichael StumpfChampaign Men's
Team Theta ChiNathaiel JarnaginChampaign Men's
Team ZBTBrandon KellerChampaign Men's
Team ZBTBryce GniadekChampaign Men's
Team ZBTDavid RudinChampaign Men's
Team ZBTElliot FisherChampaign Men's
Team ZBTJake PrizantChampaign Men's
Team ZBTJason WeinbergerChampaign Men's
Team ZBTJohn ShleesherChampaign Men's
Team ZBTJosh KravitzChampaign Men's
Team ZBTKyle CalcagnoChampaign Men's
Team ZBTNick DealbaChampaign Men's
Team ZBTNick RoyChampaign Men's
Team ZBTNick TonnerChampaign Men's
Team ZBTNoah DeutschChampaign Men's
Team ZBTRichard GumirovChampaign Men's
Team ZBTRobby NardiniChampaign Men's
Team ZBTSimon ShindlerChampaign Men's
Team ZBTSpencer RothChampaign Men's
Team ZBTZach RothChampaign Men's
Team ZBTZach ShaltielChampaign Men's