Chicago Fall THURSDAY Hoops League Rules

General Rules:

(Note: All players must sign and adhere to the All Sports Series waiver prior to participating – accomplished when registering through the individual email link or for substitutes – on the website. Also, if Players may NOT play in the Playoffs if they did NOT play in the Regular Season):

 1. Fighting is not tolerated and will result in expulsion from All Sports Series

1a. Any form of fighting will result in the persons involved to be expelled from the League. (This could also lead to the entire team being expelled depending on the scenario).

1b. No refunds will be granted due to this.

1c. An ejection from a game by an official will result in a review of the player’s actions and may result in a 1-week suspension. (We want to promote fair and competitive games).

2. Only Captains are allowed to speak with officials. Captains will meet with refs before each game.

3. You must field a team!

3a. If this happens more than one time over the Season, your team will be expelled and not welcome back next year. It’s simply not fair to other teams.

4. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at the league. If there is any suspicion of alcohol or drug use. The player will be removed.

5. All players must wear jerseys.

5a. Refs want teams to wear the same color.

5b. Also for statistical purposes.

5c. Players are not allowed to play without them.

6. Games will start promptly at scheduled time.  If you are late you will be wasting your own playing time.



1. All 16 Teams make the Playoffs and will be seeded by overall record. Tiebreakers are below.

1a. The Playoffs will be a single-elimination tournament starting in Week 8 of the Season.

2. The Top 4 seeds get a BYE to the Elite8




1. Head to Head.

1a. Head to Head record will also be used for Multi-Team Ties.. Utilizing the combined Head to Head Records of Involved Teams.

2. If still tied, total Strength of Schedule will be used. That is done using the combined record of the Opponents for the Teams in the tie.  The Team will the more difficult set of opponents gets the higher seed.

2a. EX) If two Teams are 4-3..  If Team A’s opponents went a combined 25-22 and Team B’s opponents went a combined 14-33, then Team A gets higher seed.

3. If still tied, Strength of Schedule in WINS only will be used. This is done by adding up the victories for Opponents for the Teams in the Tie, but only using the Opponents who those Teams defeated.  The team with the higher number will get higher seed.

3a. EX) If two Teams are 4-3 and their opponents combined Win-Loss record both equaled 25-22.. We will look at who each Team defeated in their 4 Wins.. So, if Team A defeated Teams who combined for 16 Wins and Team B defeated Teams who combined for 7 Wins, then Team A gets higher seed.

4. If still tied, Strength of Schedule based on overall playoff seeds for Opponents who the Teams defeated.  This is done by adding up the Opponents’ seeds for the Teams in the Tie.

4a. EX) If two Teams are 4-3, and other strength of schedule tiebreakers are tied, we will use this. If Team A played defeated Opponents with a combined 25 for playoff seed and Team B defeated Opponents combined for 22 seeds, then Team B had a harder schedule (lower is more difficult as the 1 seed is best team etc.) and Team B gets higher seed.


In-Game Hoops Rules:

1. Games are played with two 22-minute running halves.

1a. Game times will start promptly at scheduled times. If you want to get a full game – be on time.

1b. Clock will NOT stop in the 1st half.

1c. Clock stops in last 2 minutes of 2nd half for normal basketball situations: out-of-bounds, fouls, time-outs.

1d. Clock will ONLY stop in the last 30 seconds of the Game for a made basket.

1e. Note — in the last 2 minutes of the EACH Half — the second team foul will result in the other team shooting a Bonus Free Throw.

2. Games will be scored with 2 and 3 pointers.

3. Free throws will always be attempted in 1 shot. So 2 for 1s and 3 for 1s will be used.

3a. Example, if you are fouled while shooting a 3pt shot and miss, you will get 1 free-throw and it will be worth 3 pts. (The same goes for 2 pt shots).

4. And-1s are automatic.

4a. If you are fouled while shooting and the shot goes in your team will be awarded an extra point automatically. (No free throw necessary.)

4b. Rules 3 and 4 are to speed up the game and allow for maximum amount of time played.

5. 5 personal fouls and you are fouled out.  7th team foul of the half results in the Bonus for the other team.

5a. Bonus Free Throws are always 1 shot and are worth 2 points (aka 2 for 1). There is no Double Bonus.

5b. Technical fouls count as personal fouls.

5c. Two Technical fouls and you are ejected.

5d. Technical fouls will result in 2 pts automatically being awarded to the other team and the other team gaining possession of the ball.

6. Each team receives TWO timeouts for the game.

7. Slaughter-rule will come into effect if one team is down 20+ at the two-minute mark.