Chicago Floor Hockey Rules

General Rules: (for Sport Specific Rules scroll down)

Note: All players must sign and adhere to the All Sports Series Waiver prior to participating).

1. Fighting is not tolerated and will result in expulsion from All Sports Series.

1a. Any form of fighting will result in the persons involved to be expelled from the league. (This could also lead to the entire team being expelled depending on the scenario).

1b. No refunds will be granted due to this.

2. You must field a team!

2b. Failing to field a team more than one time will result in your team’s expulsion and not being welcome back next year. It’s simply not fair to other teams.

3. Only Captains are allowed to speak with officials or umpires.

4. Registration/Waivers:

4a.  All full-time Players have signed the Waiver during their Initial Registration.

4b. To sign up a Substitute Click Here.

5. Games will start promptly at scheduled time.  If you are late you will be wasting your own playing time.

6. All Players must wear their All Sports Series Jerseys.

6a. Refs want teams to wear the same color.

6b. Also for statistical purposes.

6c. Players are not allowed to play without the jerseys.

7. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at the league. If there is any suspicion of alcohol or drug use. The player will be removed.

8. An ejection from a game by an official will result in a review of the player’s actions and may result in a 1-week suspension. (We want to promote fair and competitive games).

9. Players who did not play in the Regular Season may not play in the Playoffs.


In-Game Floor Hockey Rules:


1. Games will be played with three 14-minute running periods.

1a. The clock will not stop in the 1st or 2nd periods. (Unless a Timeout is called).

1b. The clock will not stop in the 3rd period until final minute of the 3rd period. Clock will stop for penalties and goals.

1c. Each Team receives 1 Timeout for the Game.

1d. Overtime will be a 4-minute Sudden Death Period. Played 4 on 4.  If no one scores, we will go to a shoot-out.

2. Games are played 5 on 5 with a Goalie.

2a. To sub, Players on the court, must first leave the court.. Then the new player may enter.

3. Everyone must wear some sort of protective goggles or sunglasses.

4. Goalies must wear masks. Other Goalie equipment will also be provided (aside from gloves).

5. Sticks will be provided, however, players may use their own sticks.

6. No Checking! Players must play the ball, not the man.

6a. Other Hockey rules will apply (No high sticking, tripping, cross-checking, etc.)

6b. Penalties and Penalty minutes will mirror standard hockey rules.

6c. Minor Penalties are 2 minutes, Major Penalties are 5 minutes.

6c. Regular Penalties will result in the Player leaving the court and his Team playing down a man for either 2 minutes or until the other Team scores a Goal. Whichever comes first.

6d. Teams cannot have less than 3 Players on the court due to penalty.

7. Do not touch the goalie.

8. Slaughter rule will come into effect if one team is down 3+ with a minute left to play.


Schedule/Playoff Specifics:

  • Regular Season lasts 7 Weeks. Each Team will play everyone once.
  • Playoff Format:
    • All Teams Qualify.
    • Opening Round – 7 v. 8 Seed in Single Elimination for spot in Quarters.
    • Quarter Finals – Single Elimination:
      • 2 v. 7/8
      • 3 v. 6
      • 4 v. 5
      • 1 – Bye to Semis
    • Semi-Finals – Played as a Set of 2 Games w/ Aggregate Scoring.
      • Combined Score of 2 Full Games, Winner Advances.
      • The Match-Ups will be Reseeded – 1 Seed will play lowest Team left.
    • Championship – Played as a Set of 2 Games w/ Aggregate Scoring.
      • Combined Score of 2 Full Games will dictate Champion.