Chicago Winter TUESDAY Hoops Rosters

bdarcy@commandtransportation.comBreton Darcy
Lenny and the JetsDAVID T SHECHTMAN
Lenny and the JetsDaniel Macks
Lenny and the JetsLeonard Smoliak
Lenny and the JetsRobert S Monfred
Lenny and the JetsGarrett Fisher
Lenny and the JetsCody Eliaz Davis
Lenny and the JetsSteven Lupovitch
Lenny and the JetsSpencer Barclay
Team BollierGeoff Godwin
Team BollierMarcus Agee
Team BollierDrew Bollier
Team BollierRodney Clark
Team BollierTimothy J Rusthoven
Team BollierChristopher Clark
Team BollierWesley C Buhlig
Team ShlofrockAdam L Rhum
Team ShlofrockJake Shlofrock
Team ShlofrockMichael Pisanelli
Team ShlofrockJake Lerman
Team ShlofrockBrett Greenspan
Team ShlofrockChad Silver
Team LugerDanny Freed
Team LugerJack Wold
Team LugerBenjamin J Luger
Team LugerJacob Gordon
Team LugerJudd Barron
Team LugerAdam Ketai
Team LugerMaxwell K Unger
Team LugerRyan Lederman
Team LugerJustin Kaplan
Team TucciAlan Tucci
Team Tucciryan brown
Team TucciJonathan Meidel
Team TucciMichael Gomez
Team TucciCharles Jacob Ryan
Team TucciPaul Kaczor
Team KnoxAndre Knox
Team KnoxChris White
Team KnoxTremell Adams
Team KnoxToussaint Knox
Team KnoxMarcus White
Team KnoxMike
Team ShlofrockJordan Silver
Team BollierChris Godwin
bdarcy@commandtransportation.comFadi Elayyan
bdarcy@commandtransportation.comDonny Romaro
bdarcy@commandtransportation.comTom Dunlaey
bdarcy@commandtransportation.comSam Martinez
bdarcy@commandtransportation.comTrevor Whitehead
bdarcy@commandtransportation.comDan Turner
Team LugerBrad Tivin