City League Week 1 Hoops

Updated: June 8, 2011

All Sports Series 2011 kicked off with a bang last night.  The City League started with Hoops and each game was worth 15 points.  The defending champions Northbrook Domination (Crystal Lake Jeep) captained by Daniel Dorfman earned the right to play in the first game of 2011 and picked up right where they left off.  Newcomer Benny “I dont know you that well, so nickname will have to wait” Lalez led the team in scoring with 19.  One of last year’s MVPs Zach “Sorry there was traffic” Bulwa chipped in 13 for Team Dorfman who got the win over Team Watts (Whiskey Bar) 69-58. The highest scoring game of the night saw a stellar performance out of Jake “these are my cronies” Watts.

In the other 7pm game, Team Kornblatt (Greater Than) defeated Team Bulgatz (Galaxie Home Remodeling) 54-45.  The game was moved from Eagle River, Wisconsin to the Windy City Fieldhouse which resulted in captain Matthew “@SlickCyrus11” Kornblatt not making it to the game.  The team received a Greater Than performance from Phil Weisburg who poured in 23 (to tie for the lead inlast night).  Team Bulgatz was led by a nice performance out of Ross “not Jason? I think?” Feldgreber who netted 21 in.  This game had a nice campy feel to it… until Matt “the Closer” Emer entered the game for Team Kornblatt. The game just took a serious tone after that.

The second set of games had a close game and a not so close game.  The close game saw Team Radist ( BeSpoke Cuisine) defeat Team Schoder (Whiskey Bar) 53-50.   The winning team was led by Justin “Do you know Daniel?” Kaminsky who had 21.  Team Schoder captain Robby “Rob? Bob? Robert? Robby..” Schoder really played well in a losing effort, with 21 points.  And if you think all I care about is points while I write this, well so do you! Someone in this game probably had 5 or 6 rebounds. So there.

The game that did not finish so close was between Team Merar (Dr. Jacob DDS) v. Team Cohen (Sunset Foods).  The elder statesman of All Sports Series captained by Mike “Sigma Alpha Mu Head Coach ’10” Merar won the game 56-37.  This game pitted two of my favorite jerseys against one another.  I dig the Carolina Blue and Black/Red combo.  Anyways, Team Merar saw solid performances by the Michael “Don’t Spear Shaftal” Bailen and Brian “Bradley better not score 15” Deutsch added 15 pts.  Team Cohen gave a solid verbal for shopping at Sunset Foods, which everyone really should do (and bring receipts so you get raffle tickets). They also scored 37 points with no one scoring in double digits.  Andy “You have to play hockey still” Cohen will surely go back to the drawing board figure out what wasn’t quite right.  Jacob “the Millennium Real Estate man” Hurwith did put in 7 for his team.

The final hour of the night saw the leading candidate for the EFT Sports Performance 2Big2Fast2Strong2Good Team of the Week play. We’ll have to see if any team in the Suburbs outshines Team Glass on Wednesday Night.  Team Glass (Steve’s Deli) threw down the gauntlet against Team Greenberg (Millennium Real Estate).  Josh “Refer to Benny Lalez” above scored 18 for the winning team.  As newcomers to the league and playing in the West Coast game (late game) all other teams need to be on watch when playing Team Glass in Hoops.  Team Greenberg fell 61-34 but seemed to really enjoy themselves out there.  Aaron “Engaged Health Solutions” Levy put in 15 and Nick “and the Beanstock” Henner put in 5.  Coach Shram was heard yelling “Thhreeeeee” when Nicky hit his 3pter.

The other late game saw Team Mason (PopChips) fall to Team Bruck (Teplitz & Bell) 49-36.  This game played like a tug-of-war for the first 3o minutes or so.  Then the ball just would not go in to the basket for Team Mason.  Even in a losing effort Jeff “registered 3 times” Aerni put in 23 pts to tie Phil Weisburg for the scoring lead at the end of night one.  Team Captain Collin “Cue” Bruck put in a dozen and Ryan “thank goodness it’s not Mallet” Malley put in 14.  The game was a defensive struggle that was played between the three point lines.  The scoring opportunities were hard to come by and I know Team Bruck was happy to leave with an opening night victory.

That’s all for now, check back for more updates.  Check the sponsors page and bring in items from them to receive raffle tix. See everyone next week at Windy City Field House for floor hockey. Follow @AllSportsSeries on Twitter.