East Lansing Standings


East Lansing Hoops League Standings presented by StudentCityWinLossGBPPGPAPGCurrent Streak
1. Team Theta Chi (Campus View Apartments Black)61063.845.7W3
2. Team SAE (Spare Time Orange)
-- Wins Tiebreak w/ Rijos (Head to Head)
3. Team Rijos (Campus View Apartments White)
-- Loses Tiebreak w/ SAE (Head to Head)
4. Team Pi Kapp (Campus View Apartments Blue)
-- Wins Tiebreak w/ SAM2 (Head to Head)
5. Team SAM2 (Schweitzer Title)
-- Loses Tiebreak w/ SAM2 (Head to Head)
6. Team SAM3 (cea Study Abroad)25436.247.8L1
7. Team SAM1 (Campus View Apartments Red) 07641.250.0L7
8. Team AEPi (Ella Designs Jewelry) 07632.057.2L7
East Lansing Indoor Soccer League Standings presented by StudentCityWinLossGBGoals Per GameGoals Against Per GameCurrent Streak
1. Team Hamers (iHotel)60012.33.0W6
2. Team SAM Soccer (StudentCity)2444.010.7L1
3. Team Alrashedi (Schweitzer Title)1553.09.0L5
x- Team Spare Time Entertainment0660.00.0L1