Suburbs Adult Rules

Men’s Regular Season Point Values by Sport:
Sport # of times played Pt value per Win Total Poss. Points
Hoops 2 15 30
Softball 2 20 40
Flag Football 1 25 25
Volleyball 1 Refer Below 18 (Refer Below)
Bowling 1 Refer Below 18 (Refer Below)


Co-Ed Regular Season Point Values by Sport:
Sport # of times played Pt value per Win Total Poss. Points
Kickball 2 20 40
Softball 2 20 40
Volleyball 1 Refer Below 18 (Refer Below)
Bowling 1 Refer Below 18 (Refer Below)


General Rules: (for Sport Specific Rules scroll down)

Note: All players must sign and adhere to the All Sports Series Waiver prior to participating).

1. Fighting is not tolerated and will result in expulsion from All Sports Series.

1a. Any form of fighting will result in the persons involved to be expelled from the league. (This could also lead to the entire team being expelled depending on the scenario).

1b. No refunds will be granted due to this.

2. You must field a team!

2b. Failing to field a team more than one time will result in your team’s expulsion and not being welcome back next year. It’s simply not fair to other teams.

3. Only Captains are allowed to speak with officials or umpires.

4. Players may not play unless they have signed the All Sports Series Waiver.

4a.  All full-time Players have signed the Waiver during their Initial Registration.

4b. To sign up a Substitute Click Here.

5. Games will start promptly at scheduled time.  If you are late you will be wasting your own playing time.

6. All Players must wear their All Sports Series Jerseys.

6a. Refs want teams to wear the same color.

6b. Also for statistical purposes.

6c. Players are not allowed to play without the jerseys.

7. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at the league. If there is any suspicion of alcohol or drug use. The player will be removed.

8. NO Metal cleats.  There will be pre-game checks for this.

8a. Insurance will not allow for this.

9. An ejection from a game by an official will result in a review of the player’s actions and may result in a 1-week suspension. (We want to promote fair and competitive games).


11. Players who did not play in the Regular Season may not play in the Playoffs.


1. All 8 Teams will make the Playoffs and be seeded based on points accrued during the regular season.

1a. The Elite8 of the Playoffs will be Hoops in week 8 of All Sports Series.

1b. The Final4 and Championship will be 16″ Softball in week 9 of All Sports Series.


a. Head to Head. (If 3 teams are tied then we will still use Head to Head.  Teams will be seeded in the following order depending on their Head to Head record: 2-0, 1-0, 0-0, 0-1, 0-2)

b. Teams’ Individual Win/Loss Records. If teams did not play Head to Head then we will use the teams individual records… If a team advanced past the pool stages of volleyball then that counts as a W (if not its a Loss). So teams have 7 games in their record.

c. Strength of Schedule. If still tied, we will go to Strength of Schedule.  We will add together the total points (from Standings) of the opponenets for each team for the entire season. Whoever had a stronger strength of schedule will win the tiebreaker. (VBall games are not scored in this).


Hoops Rules:

1. Games are played with two 22-minute running halves.

1a. Game times will start promptly at scheduled times. If you want to get a full game – be on time.

1b. Clock will NOT stop in the 1st half.

1c. Clock will stop in last 2 minutes of 2nd half for normal basketball situations: out-of-bounds, fouls, time-outs.

1d. Clock will stop in the last 30 seconds of 2nd half for made baskets.

1e. Note — in the last 2 minutes of the EACH Half — the second team foul will result in the other team shooting a Bonus Free Throw (unless the Bonus had already been reached).

2. Games will be scored with 2 and 3 pointers.

3. Free throws will always be attempted in 1 shot. So 2 for 1s and 3 for 1s will be used.

3a. Example, if you are fouled while shooting a 3pt shot and miss, you will get 1 free-throw and it will be worth 3 pts. (The same goes for 2 pt shots).

4. And-1s are automatic.

4a. If you are fouled while shooting and the shot goes in your team will be awarded an extra point automatically. (No free throw necessary.)

4b. Rules 3 and 4 are to speed up the game and allow for maximum amount of time played.

4c. During Free Throws, Players may move upon the RELEASE of the Shot; except the Shooter who must wait until it hits the rim or backboard.

5. Five personal fouls and you are fouled out. The seventh team foul of the half results in the Bonus for the other team.

5a. Bonus Free Throws are always 1 shot and are worth 2 points (aka 2 for 1). There is no Double Bonus.

5b. In the event that there are only 5 players left for a Team, and one of them fouls out, that player is allowed to STAY in the Game.  However, each foul after the 5th personal foul, will result in 2 points automatically for the other Team.

5c. Technical fouls count as personal fouls.

5d. Two Technical fouls and you are ejected.

5d. Technical fouls will result in 2 pts automatically being awarded to the other team and the other team gaining possession of the ball.

6. Each team receives TWO timeouts for the game.

7. Slaughter-rule will come into effect if one team is down 20+ at the two-minute mark.


Bowling – At the Alley in Highwood Rules: 

1. 6 Bowlers per team per game. Teams will play 2 full games (so 12 total games bowled per team).

2. The top 7 individual games (out of the 12 total team games bowled) will be averaged for each team.

3. Top avg. score will gain 18 pts, 2nd – 12, 3rd – 6, 4th- 0

4. No Bumpers!!!


Volleyball Tournament Rules:

1.Played 6 v 6.

2. Each Team will play the other three Teams in the group. Round Robin style.

2a. Group play will be played rally scoring to 21.

2b. First team to 21, it will be win by 2, with a hard cap at 25.

2c. So teams can go either 3-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-3.

3. Top 2 Teams in each Group play for 1st place and other two play for 3rd place (to 21).

4. Pt Breakdown

4a. 1st place – 18pts, 2nd place – 12pts, 3rd place – 6pts, 4th place – 0pts


Flag Football Rules:

1. 6 on 6

2. No Contact! …

– When people are playing Offensive Line and trying to protect the QB, hands must be behind the back. 10 yard penalty.

– If the Defense holds someone (including body or clothes) to try and get the flag. 10 yard penalty.

– A ball carrier cannot swipe away Defender’s hands in attempt to prevent a flag pull. 10 yard penalty.

– Ball carriers cannot dive to avoid flag pull. 10 yard penalty.

– Ball carriers cannot try to initiate contact while running – DON’T TRY TRUCK STICKING! 10 yard penalty.

– Note: There are NO fumbles. Ever.  Do not try to strip the ball from someone. If the ball does hit the ground after being in someone’s possession it will be a dead ball from where the ball hit the ground.

In summation — all contact penalties are 10 yards, all other penalties are 5 yards (false start, off sides, etc).

3. Games are played with two 20-min running halves.

3a. Clock will NOT stop in the 1st half.

3b. Clock stops in last 2 minutes of 2nd half for out-of-bounds, incomplete pass, turnover-on-downs and touchdowns.

3c. Teams receive THREE time outs per game.

4. 4 downs to reach one of the first down cones. It will not be a 1st and 10. It will be 1st and the distance to the next 1st down marker.

5. After a Touchdown –

5a. You can attempt 1(2.5 yds away), 2(5yds) and 3(15 yds) pointers.

5b. No kickoffs after a score. The other team starts with the ball at their own 5-yard line.

6. You need one foot in bounds for a catch.

7. NOTE: If flag falls off w/o being pulled, it’s 1-hand touch.  If the knee hits the ground when a flag is off you are also down.

8. Before the play, the Offense must have 3 players on the line of scrimmage.

9. Punting – You may elect to punt.. Once you do so — you may NOT fake punt.

9a.  The kicking team must have all of its players on the line of scrimmage except for the punter and those players CANNOT move until the ball is kicked.

9b. The receiving team will get a chance to cleanly field the ball.  So if the ball is caught on a fly or it is a bouncing ball that is picked up cleanly the Return team can try to advance the ball.

9c. If the Receiving team touches the ball and it then hits the ground.. It is a dead ball, from the spot the ball touches the ground (aka a muffed return).

10. Slaughter rule will be 17+ at the two-min. mark


16″ Softball Rules:

1. 10 on 10.  7 inning Games (however, no inning can start later than 50 minutes into the Game).

1a. If you have more than 10 Players, you can enter everyone in the batting order.

1b. Girls are allowed to wear Gloves in the field.

2. Unlimited arc. The higher the pitch, the shorter the strike-zone.

2a. The strike-zone is the alleyway straight back behind the plate.  A strike must must cross the batters body between shoulders and waist and the ball must land behind the plate.

2b. Mound will be agreed upon before the game by the pitchers.

3.  The count starts at 1 and 1.

3a. If you hit a foul ball with 2 strikes your first foul ball will not result in an out.

3b. With 2 strikes your second foul ball will result in an out.

4. No leadoffs or steals. Runners may leave when the ball is batted.

5. NO CONTACT! Runners must slide or simply give themselves up — they will be out if they try to collide with a defensive player.

5. Don’t throw the bats.

6. In field fly rule is at the discretion of the umpires.

7. Slaughter rule is in effect if a team is down by 10+ at any time after the completion of the 5th inning the game.


Co-Ed Kickball Rules: – 

1. 10 players can play in the field at once.  9-inning Games (however, no inning can start later than 50 minutes into the Game).

1a. If you have more than 10 Players, you can enter everyone in the batting order.

2. Kickers are limited to 3 pitches per at-bat.

2a. Two balls = Walk.  Two strikes = Out.

3.  The strike-zone will be designated by a set of cones surrounding home-plate.

3a. Pitches must enter through the front of the strike-zone and leave through the back to be considered a strike.

3b. Pitches must be rolled underhanded at a reasonable speed and without bounce (or it will be a ball).

3c. If a Kicker swings and misses, it is a strike, regardless of the ball’s location/speed/bounce.

4. Kickers must stay behind home-plate when Kicking, or the ball is a “live-ball” strike.

4a. “Live-ball” strikes are strikes that may be caught for an out (similar to a foul-ball in softball) but cannot count as a hit.

4b. Runners may tag-up in the event of a “live-ball” catch by the Defense.

5. No leadoffs or steals. Runners may leave when the ball is kicked.

6. There is no pitchers-hand out.

6a. The Defense will record outs like in softball (forces, tags, etc.)

6b. The one exception is that Runners may be struck (via a throw) with the ball and be out.

6c. No Head Shots!  If a Runner is struck with a ball in the head they will considered safe.

7. Slaughter rule is in effect if a team is down by 10+ at any time after the completion of the 7th inning the game.